Friday, January 1, 2010

All about Blogging

It cost you more if you want to have your own website. You need to create web page, you need to do web hosting, you have to maintain server and finally you need to update your site regularly. Let me start with simple thing, in order make user friendly Google and all other sites have given opportunity to open a blog / website with them. They are giving assistance to create and maintain your site. You can have your own content, you can visit all other sites, add your site with Google as well. If you maintain your blog effectively for two to three months, then you will get page ranking. This page rank also knows as pr, this is the identification for your blog. If you have high pr ranking then your site is popular in an internet. This page rank varies from 0 to 10 and you will a value in between these two. As I said earlier if you want to get high pr ranking then you have to work hard. You need to update your site with fresh content, increase more and more number of visitors, make your site simple and good. Once you have got pr ranking then you can add your blog to web directories, this is collection of blogs. There will be thousands of category, try to find out which category suits for your site and add yours’ into business web directory. And one sweeter thing about this process is that you can earn some money through this as well.

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