Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cut off mark calculation

You might have heard about cut off marks in 12th standard. If you want to do your engineering then you should know about this cut off mark calculation. This post is all about calculation of this cut off marks. First thing you need to do is that you have to concentrate on few subjects. 
To calculate, first sum up all marks of physics and chemistry and divide this total by four. You will get some marks this will be out of hundred. Then divide your mathematics mark by two then you will get some mark which is also out of hundred. 
Then add these two marks this will count out of two hundred. If you want to go to medical sciences then you have to consider biology marks instead of maths. Assume you have scored 160 in physics, 180 in chemistry and 190 in mathematics then you your cut off marks would be (160 + 180 = 340 / 4 = 85 and 190 / 2 = 95 ) 180. From this you can understand that if you score good marks in mathematical then it will give you good cut off marks. First decide which field you want to go; if you are looking for engineering then you have to concentrate on these three subjects. One of my friends who scored 1005 has got good government engineering college compare to one who scored 1050, this because first guy scored good marks in subjects and less in languages. The second guy scored good in language but it was not useful except giving him good image.