Monday, January 25, 2010

Safety of Indian Students???

It is depressing to hear that Indian students keep on attacked in Australia with out any reason. The number of students going to abroad for their higher studies is increasing every year. United Kingdom, United States and Australia are the main three countries where students are much interested to do their master degree. 
In the last six months Indian students are attacked. Especially in Australia four students are critically attacked and one taxi driver last week snatched by group of people. This should be avoided; proper security system should be implemented. There are no such cases found in India. The public not intended to do this kind of activities but some one who wants to damage the relationship between two nations intently doing this kind of activities. Indian external ministry has put disappointment over the security system in Australia for Indian students. 
Police personal should be alerted in many parts of the world to secure the international students. Punishment for this kind of activity should be severe so that no one will try this again. Students count has been decreased due to this kind of activity. This is to inform you that All Indian Students please be aware of criminals and take care.

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