Friday, January 8, 2010

Slide shows in Home Television

Photo albums are easiest and more convenient way to recollect our old memories. You can take photo copy of all your photos and put it in album and you can view them whenever you want. How will it be if you could see all your photos with sweet background music and with proper timing? This can be done by slide shows. Here you can import all your photos and any mild or rock music well. There is no limit on file size, you can import as much as you want from your computer hard disc. Once you finished importing, you can make slide shows with the photos. You can set timing in which each slide has to move. There are some graphics which makes your slide show better. This can be viewed by your computer or with your television. You can burn one CD with this file and use it in any player at any time. This will cost you less compare to photo album. There is some specific software available to make these slide shows. You can even do this with Microsoft PowerPoint. You make movements in your photos like coming from background or rotating with some angle. It is possible to add some wordings with these slide shows which come top of your slide show.  You can convert this slide show file so that it can view using your home DVD players.

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