Monday, January 11, 2010

New year Celebration

It was amazing to be in London eye on New Year celebration. It was new and excellent experience for me. There was incredible fire works which I have never seen in my life. Almost all people from London city gathered in front of Big Ben to welcome the New Year. Fire work which I have seen from London eye was unimaginable. 
The count down starts from 60 and when it reaches 0, oh god its lovely to see that. 
All are singing a song and enjoying with each other and sharing happiness after unexpected economic recession in 2009. There was free transport for public on first of January. It was almost half an hour; the sky is full of firework. There were different colours are made and the entire sky was shining. All light was shut down to view the fire works. W are dancing and hugging each other taking photos. 
People from all over the Europe came there to enjoy this New Year celebration. It was not most enjoyable New Year celebration as my parents and friends were missing. I am sure some day I will be enjoying this kind of moment with my family and friends. If you get a chance to go to London, enjoy this kind of unforgettable moments. I hope this year will be as happy as first day.  

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