Friday, January 22, 2010

Save Rain water and Earth

This nature has given the precious resources to the people but we are spoiling. We damaged as much as we could. Water is one among the important thing to survive in this world; with out water you can’t do anything. It is difficult to survive this world without water itself. There are almost seven planets and there is a chance to find more. But it is impossible to survive in those industry as it has no water. Earth is the only planet with has this important resource water to survive. This is post going to talk about water saving mainly rain harvesting. Now a days it is rare to get rain and it is much important to save this water as much as you can. 
Government has introduced new methods to save a rain water and dams are being constructed to stop the rain water to enter in to sea. Public has to take main part in saving rain water. If this water usage continues then after couple of generation, earth will dry up and no one would able to survive here. Rain barrel is used to store the rain water. You can use this rain barrels around your building and you can use this stored water to any purpose. Rain water barrel is specially designed to store and use water for more months. 
Rain water barrels are also available in all shops and the cost of it is less. This site will you all the detail about the rain water saving and barrels. There are some rain barrels for sale and you can make use of it and save the earth.

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