Monday, January 11, 2010

Be aware of Fake information

Dear friends, this is going to be important for internet users for education purpose. There are some sites giving you fake information. If you are going to do your research work or any assignment then you have to be very careful in selecting data. If you are final year student then you need to do with your dissertation work.
It involves collection of thousands of data. When you analyse any external or internal analysis of any company or Multi national corporation then you have to collect thousand of information about that firm. The only source to collect this data is internet. If you give the key word in Google then you will get thousands of sites which give you the required information. 
In United Kingdom, more students are suffered due this fake information. They have lost their marks in final examination. Public announcement have been made not to use such kind of site. Encyclopaedia is the best site to deal with your projects. It is also advised to refer more than two to three sites for your data collection. Better you can go for the website of your research company. Please be aware of fake sites and information. Go to the prescribed websites which will give you the exact information you are looking for

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