Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Beautiful country to live in

There are many countries in this world people like to live. Even though every one wants to stay in their mother country than any other place, latest survey listed ninety best countries to live. There are many countries where people facing to live peacefully, they suffering in day to day life.
There is no safe to run their life safely. Due to increase in terrorism, there are many reasons to move one country to another country. India shifted to thirty five places and reached 88th place. Many factors considered while listing these countries like living cost, health and safety issues. India over take china and Russia and became the eighty eighth place. Totally there are 195 countries listed, India has got 65 points compare to 40 points last year.
Cost of living is the major factor helped India to reach this position. Sweden announced to be the costliest place to live than any other country in this world. In south Asia, India is the forth best place to live after Maldives, Bhutan and Sri Lanka. France is the first country in the list. It retained this position for the fifth continuous time. What ever it may, India is the very best to me than others. It is heaven.

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