Saturday, January 2, 2010

Social Network on Students

Internet is the part of our life. With out internet we can’t imagine a day. The internet users count keep on increasing day by day. The students are using this internet more due to the social networking. The parents are the one who worried about the academic performance of the students. But it is just opposite to the fact that students are those who are using this social networks performing better than those who are not using them. It is given that, social networking are integrating the students not interfering the studies. 
The latest survey also suggests that the sports activities of students are getting reduced day by day compare to two to there years before. One more survey suggest that thirty five percentage of heavy internet users fall in lower grades at the same time the equal amount of students who are not using this services are also in the same category. 
It is amazing to hear that 94 % of students are using face book and the 84 % of students are using orkut. This two networking sites have been used world wide compare to other networking sites. The usage of Linkedin and Twitter is less compare with other.

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