Thursday, July 30, 2009

Credit Card - Useful tips

Every one might have heard this term credit card. It is like debit card with few differences. Card holder can buy any product even though he doesn't maintain required balance in his account. Each card has certain value limit. It has several advantage as well as disadvantages. One thing you should care about it is, keep your card safely and don't disclose it's password to anyone. This is because any one can use this card. Important thing interest rate for overdrawn amount. Before you get your card please confirm your interest rate for usage. Try to pay the overdrawn amount within given time period otherwise you may get higher interest. To get this card, You need to show bank statement minimum of six months. You should be employee of any corporate. Electronic verification system allows to check whether card is active and whether it is have enough overdrawn limit. If you paid all overdrawn money with in grace period then there wont be no interest but if you don't paid full amount, then interest will be calculated for the entire amount. Grace period usually vary from 20 days to 40 days. Be careful while credit cards.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Internet Security

The most useful thing in this computer world is World Wide Web, at the same time it is more dangerous to our computer too. We need to be more careful while connecting our computer with world local net called Internet. There are many sites waiting to inject virus and worm in to our computer. If it enters our system then it is difficult to delete or heal. Some steps must be taken before we connect to the Internet. First and most thing is we should install Anti-virus in our hard disc as it prevents entering of virus in our system. we need to update frequently. Please keep fire wall in on position always. Scan your system frequently as it helps to delete unwanted files in our systems and improves operating speed. Be cautious while downloading from Internet. When ever you download something from Internet please check whether it is virus free file or not. while run any installation file keep your anti-virus application in scanning mode. If you download and install any application from net, it may have some file so that end user can view and access your system. It is most dangerous thing in Internet. So take extra care while using Internet. Better avoid any personal file in the system which is going to be connected with Internet. "Prevention is better than cure"

Monday, July 27, 2009

Download Tips

It takes long time to download some information from Internet. Many people may use dial up connections in their home. In that case the transfer will be very low and if download any item it may takes several minutes. In that case, we can use download manger. It really improves the transfer rate level and time consuming will be minimum. There is option to choose whether we are using dial up or broad band connection so that it can adjust according to the input given by users. One more interesting fact is that, if any interruption occurs while downloading it automatically save the downloaded item and resume when it get active Internet connection. Its easy to download and install this application as it is available in Internet with free of cost. People often view you tube videos, we can even able to download and store in our hard disc itself. For this one simple thing you need to do is just download you tube down loader and install in your system. Enjoy downloading within short time.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Online Money Making Tips

Every one in this world are eager to earn money to overcome their expenditure. Making money online is on going trend. There are many websites providing these facilities. Most of the sites are placing advertisement in their sites, when people come hit that ad they will be given some amount. In this case every one involved here are getting benefit. Those who come and hit the advertisement are getting some amount. Those who displayed in their site getting money from goods manufacturer. And the product also getting more and more popular among the public. One thing about this process is, there are so many fake websites try to cheat users. You need to be more care on this. There are few sites which give project to every one. Any one can bid and get that project. If your bid is acceptable and you do project successfully then you will be given some credit. All money transfer can take place via pay pal or cheques. And get ready and start to earn money from today as we know time is precious.. Good luck. Please comment if you have any doubts..

Office Culture

In this competitive world, we need to be good in all places. We might be best at our work but words which come out from our mouth can change all the efforts which we did. We need to expose our talent in all the way we could, even with the words we use. Good expression of our work may help to avoid bad impression from higher officials. Let me give some examples so that it would be easy to understand. In some occasions it would be better if we use good form of word than ordinary one. Here are few

Avoid Use this

“I don’t know” “That’s a good question. Let me check and find out.”

“We can’t do that.” “That’s tough one. Let’s see what we can do.”

“You will have to...” “Here’s how we can help you.”

“No.” “We are not able to do that, but we can…”

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Power Plant Course - Jindal

Jindal steel and power limited has announced results for upcoming one year course which is for Electrical and Electronics engineering graduates. Actually this course fully cover the knowledge about power plants. Any one who got their Bachelor of engineering in respective field can apply for this course. According to the statement given by Jindal steel and Power Limited, It develops more talent among engineers about power plant operations and its maintenance and improves job opportunity for young graduates. Placements for the students will be arranged by the company. The selection is fully based on the marks scored in university exams. The total number of seats available for this 2009 - 2010 batch in 60. Among them 45 seats goes to the students with out any company sponsorship, where as remaining 15 seats for companies sponsorships students.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Top Universities In UK

World economy still in recovering state, graduates feel difficult to get a job. Now they are looking for alternate opportunity to grow. According to experts, it takes one more complete year to recover from recession. So the best idea now is taking master degree from well known universities. Once they completed their study, they can easily get the right job. There is plenty of colleges in the world. Students willing to take their higher studies in United Kingdom as it is a Hub for all business. It has more number of universities, among them few are named as top most. This rating fully based on teaching assessment, research assessment, entry standards and so on. Please find the universities which got first 10 Places in the table
1. Oxford

2. Cambridge

3. Imperial College

4. London School of Economics

5. Warwick

6. University College London

7. York

8. Durham

9. St Andrews
It may vary year to year....

Monday, July 20, 2009

Personal Loans

No one can live independently, each one of us depends on others. You might have heard the term loans in day to day life. But there are several types available. Personal loan is the one, most of us frequently come across. Actually any one who meets bankers criteria can get this loan and one special about this loan is that, we can use this money for any purpose and you no need to show any collateral to get this loan. Good credit is more than enough.

And important thing about personal loan is that, interest rate for this type of loan is high compare to any other type as it has heavy risk on bankers side. There wont be any fee for applying personal loan.You need to repay some amount every month. If you pay this amount properly then it never go up. If you have enough funds to repay the loan, then you can even pay at a time, banks collect no fee in this case. We can even make payments online.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Great Talk

One big forward step in relationship between India and United States of America, Hillary Clinton had a talk with our honorable minister for environment. She added that, there will be creative steps taken to the climate change problem. And addressing the students of Delhi university, she wondered about new president Obama. One more point she added is, Military strength doesn't matter while we considering greatness of nations. It is expected that, there will be meet with our prime minister Manmohan Singh as well as with Sonia Gandhi soon to improve our relationships. They are going sign in agreement for the sale of US arms to New Delhi. This is Clinton's first visit to India as US Secretary of State. About agricultural advancements, She said that India feeding 17 % of world population while it just has 3% of crop land.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

England Cricketer - Andrew Flintoff

One of great all rounder in England cricket team Andrew Flintoff decided to retire from international test cricket. He said to the England cricket board that "My body has told me it's time to stop". The 31 years old England cricket all rounder has played 75 Test matches for his country. He started his career in 1998. He was the star of the team in the year 2005 when England won the Ashes series after 18 years against Australia. He used to take rest from his side due to continuous injuries. He is the one, who got highest price in Indian Premier League auction for Chennai Super kings. Even he didn't play the entire tournament as he met with some injury and got back to England for treatment. One good news for his fans is he willing to play One day and T20 matches in international as well as domestic level.
Batting Style : Right hand bat
Bowling Style : Right arm fast
Height : 6 ft 4 inches
Date of Birth : 6th Dec 1977

Monday, July 13, 2009

Career Development

Career development - Every one in corporate world should have heard this word day to day life. Every one in working environment wants to be good. But only few can achieve this not all others. As we know hard work pays more, there is a term smart work which gives more than only hard work does. Smart work is nothing but just thinking in an extra ordinary than what others can do. Let me give one small example where smart work shows it's power. One manager in a Multi national corporate shared their team members seat with other team which has different shift timings. No one wonder about this activity but at the end of the six month period every one came to know that, intelligent manager have saved around £ 100, 000, then management implemented this concept in all departments and it helps more in money savings. Manager has been given good position in project team. Feel the power of Smart work...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pakistan Cricket Board

Its going to be good news for Pakistani cricketers as high court in Pakistan has lift the ban on cricketers those who participated in Indian Cricket League. Abdul Razzaq with his splendid come back and hit amazing strokes in world T20 championship as well as he showed extra ordinary performance with ball. PCB says that" High court order has to be obeyed". It also consults with ICC regarding this. There is good chance for Pakistan Cricket Board to come back if it provides enough security to the players of other countries. T20 championship victory helps to improve players confidence level in international cricket.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

PopKing Michael Jackson

It was terrible week for the lovers of Pop Music as King of Pop music, the legend, the king maker passed away from this earth but not from millions of hearts. He was seventh of nine in his family on 29th August 1958 in Chicago for African American family. He has stolen thousands of hearts as He showed his talent and performed in front of classmates during a Christmas when he was at five.
Here are few data about him

Full Name : Michael Joseph Jackson

Date of Birth : 29 August 1958

Place of born : Chicago

Lived : 1958 - 2009

Lets pray for his soul rest in peace

Thursday, July 9, 2009

UK Visa

Any one who wants to live in other countries should have Visa. This is nothing but permission given by the government to live in their place for particular period of time. It has two types
1. Student Visa - for Students
2.Work Visa - for People who wants to work
To get these visa, we need to pay some amount to the government( it varies from one country to another country). Companies get visa from the government for their employees. we need to renewal the visa once it expires otherwise we supposed to get out from that country. In case of student visa, they need to show enough funds which cover both tuition fee as well as living cost.

Share Market

Companies can collect funds from the public to expand their business or to enter in to new field. Those who gives money called share holders. The place where these things usually happen is "Share Market". There are two markets available 1.Primary market - where Initial Public Offer takes place. Companies directly sell their share to the public. 2. Secondary market - where buying or selling of shares takes place. People those who hold shares of particular company can sell their shares and people who wants to buy shares can get from here. This share markets are controlled by Government. If some one wants to trade in share market then they should have Demat account with any one bank. They should have PAN card with them. You can also do intra day trading if you get a permission to do so. One should get good knowledge about this before get in to trading to avoid any loss.


It is an exam conducted by British Council. One who wants to pursue their degree in abroad university should have cleared this exam. There are two modules available, first one is for those who wants to go for their academic purpose and second is for people who wants to work in abroad. About the exam, it has 4 sections. Those are 1.Listening(30 minutes+10 minutes) 2. Reading(60 minutes) 3. writing(20minutes + 40 minutes) 4. Speaking( 14 minutes approx). Maximum band score is 9.0 and minimum is band 1.0 and university can accept from 6.0(It depends). To write this exam you need to enroll your self with British council. You can choose exam as you wish but it should be given in the list(Provided by British Council). Results will be announced 13 days after completing the exam. And Statement of Marks will be delivered with 4 working days via post.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


This is my first entry in to this Blogger Word. I know i can do well with the help of tips given over here and started with abc and i will reach upto xyz soon. I have started well and hope it goes well in future. Any one who wants to share anything with me please do with out any hesitation. Lets hope the best. May friends make my path easier.