Thursday, July 30, 2009

Credit Card - Useful tips

Every one might have heard this term credit card. It is like debit card with few differences. Card holder can buy any product even though he doesn't maintain required balance in his account. Each card has certain value limit. It has several advantage as well as disadvantages. One thing you should care about it is, keep your card safely and don't disclose it's password to anyone. This is because any one can use this card. Important thing interest rate for overdrawn amount. Before you get your card please confirm your interest rate for usage. Try to pay the overdrawn amount within given time period otherwise you may get higher interest. To get this card, You need to show bank statement minimum of six months. You should be employee of any corporate. Electronic verification system allows to check whether card is active and whether it is have enough overdrawn limit. If you paid all overdrawn money with in grace period then there wont be no interest but if you don't paid full amount, then interest will be calculated for the entire amount. Grace period usually vary from 20 days to 40 days. Be careful while credit cards.

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