Thursday, July 9, 2009


It is an exam conducted by British Council. One who wants to pursue their degree in abroad university should have cleared this exam. There are two modules available, first one is for those who wants to go for their academic purpose and second is for people who wants to work in abroad. About the exam, it has 4 sections. Those are 1.Listening(30 minutes+10 minutes) 2. Reading(60 minutes) 3. writing(20minutes + 40 minutes) 4. Speaking( 14 minutes approx). Maximum band score is 9.0 and minimum is band 1.0 and university can accept from 6.0(It depends). To write this exam you need to enroll your self with British council. You can choose exam as you wish but it should be given in the list(Provided by British Council). Results will be announced 13 days after completing the exam. And Statement of Marks will be delivered with 4 working days via post.

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