Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fabulous events for you

We are at the end of winter season and we had very good climate condition compare to previous year. We had snowfall almost all part of the world. We spent most of time just sitting inside our home. This is the time to enjoy with our family and friends. Many people will have some holidays as well and you might be looking a place to go and enjoy. Here are the events which you are looking for. Bell Centre Tickets schedule are discussed and published in the internet. 
It has almost twenty events which start from 19 of March 2010 (45 days to go) and ends in 4th of June. Most of events are scheduled in Saturday, Sunday and public holidays. This will help the audience to participate in the famous events of the year. Terminal 5 Tickets are also available to register, if you are interested to visit these events, just click on the event’s name and follow the simple steps at the end of few minutes you will be booked your place. 
The scheduling is similar to the previous one and the booking details and procedures are given clearly.  The last but the most exciting event Great Western Forum Tickets are also be ready but it has limited number due to rush of audience. Finalise the date to go for this event and book as early as possible.

SWOT Analysis for campus interview

SWOT Analysis: Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats can be used to analyse anyone in this world. This is considered to be the most effective tool for analysis. The first one deal with internal environment where as the second two characteristics are used to analyse the external environment of an organisation. If you are doing any undergraduate program then you will get a chance to attend interview. There are certain questions which are common to all companies. 
Those questions are 1. Introduce about yourself 2. Talk about your country or any other things. The first question is most importance to assess your, you should not let the interviewer to overcome your talents. Colleges are now days teaching how to attend this kind of interviews, SWOT analysis is most useful to answer the question, the strength and opportunities should be more compare to weakness and threats. Use this theory at the end of your answer so that you could able to attract your interviewer. 
Please take care of hobbies; this is because you may get questions from your hobbies. Don’t tell lie like reading books because the next question would be what kind of books and tell me the content. Please don’t let others to underestimate yourself.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Online Surveys to earn

Technology makes people to earn just sitting from their home. In earlier days, public or graduate needs to go to work site to carry out their routine work, but now due to introduction of internet any one can do the work and send them in a fraction of seconds. Taking survey, writing a journals, having a website and advertising on our website are some of the easiest way to earn constant income. This can be done through some official websites. The below given website giving same feature to the public and it helps them to get paid for sharing of opinion. There is no investment except your time, you will be asked to sign up for taking up surveys. Once you finished your registration you will be able to find the opportunities in your admin panel. Each survey consists of set of simple questions and it takes almost five to ten minutes to complete the survey. Once you completed the survey the money associated with the survey will be credited to your account. You can withdraw that money when you earned up to threshold value. This is reliable way of getting money without any physical work. You can even get membership for more online surveys.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Safety of Indian Students???

It is depressing to hear that Indian students keep on attacked in Australia with out any reason. The number of students going to abroad for their higher studies is increasing every year. United Kingdom, United States and Australia are the main three countries where students are much interested to do their master degree. 
In the last six months Indian students are attacked. Especially in Australia four students are critically attacked and one taxi driver last week snatched by group of people. This should be avoided; proper security system should be implemented. There are no such cases found in India. The public not intended to do this kind of activities but some one who wants to damage the relationship between two nations intently doing this kind of activities. Indian external ministry has put disappointment over the security system in Australia for Indian students. 
Police personal should be alerted in many parts of the world to secure the international students. Punishment for this kind of activity should be severe so that no one will try this again. Students count has been decreased due to this kind of activity. This is to inform you that All Indian Students please be aware of criminals and take care.

Travelling Around the World

Travelling is part of our life. It is required to travel around the world for many reasons. Flight services are getting increased in order to satisfy the needs of the customer. Here I am going to share my travelling experience to you all. After completing my engineering I have got a chance to do Masters Degree in one of the reputed university in London
I supposed to travel by flight and I was looking for low cost flights. My friend suggested this site and it saved around 100 pounds per journey. Here, you will get cheap airline tickets with in few minutes and you can plan your return journey as well. Early bird gets proper place, yes if you could book your tickets early then you will get low price tickets. In festival time the ticket cost will be higher, book with small number of groups so that you will get discount airfare. 
I selected non stop flights from my country to London and the cost is slightly higher than one or two stop flights. Decide your journey time and book according to that, some time there will be some relaxation in basic price and tax as well. This site not only helps you to get cheaper ticket but also cheap hotels around the world.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Asin back to Tamil??

Best debutant award winner (female category) Asin has no work in Bollywood industry. She had a wonderful 2009 with her awesome movie performance Gajini. The remake movie has given her a awesome entry to this bollywood industry. she said to press that she having no more work as of now. Her film London dreams failed to hit the box office as expected. 
And the future film plans are in growing stage and her next move will depend on the producers. The press were waiting to receive a couple of words from her as flight has been delayed as usual. And she also mentioned some thing about her dream boy and she is looking for nice character guy and good looking not more than that. Don’t worry my dream girl, you will get it soon. There is a possibility to re enter in to Tamil industries. Let’s see what will be the next move from her.

Signs for you

Business has products; there exist no business with out any products. you can serve our customer by providing quality products. One more important thing is promotion for your products. there are so many ways to promote your products but the best way is to advertise the products. There are many companies which are giving products but not familiar among the people. Some brand well known, the people used to prefer those brands because the fame. Lawn signs can be designed by this site which will add extra credit to you. 
Not only business signs plays important role in many cases, political parties looking for famous political signs. They are looking for famous signs to get popular among the public. You can demand the signs for your business; 
you can even give your opinion about your requirement. The design will be best suiting your needs and if you are not satisfied with our design you can select from our thousands of pre designed signs. It is proud to say that almost seven million signs have been done for the customers in a couple of years. If you are really satisfied with this product then you can refer your friends and get referral cash for you. The realtor signs have also been done here.

Security Alerts

Only two days to go to celebrate republic day. Indians are eagerly waiting to celebrate this republic festival. This is the time to salute the hero those who lost their lives to get freedom for our country. High terror attacks and threat coming out from around the world, and the security system has been updated and full protection has been given to the public. Indian ministry has announced high level security to the public places like air port and railway stations where the crowd will be more. 
They have stated that there is more chance to get attacked. After Mumbai attack lots of security updates have been done in Indian police and security forces. Let me come to the point, security in Air India flight services have been improved due to the threat. Civil aviation security has been tightening; no one can enter in to the check in area except those who are going to fly. Biggest threat has received from terror groups that, there is a chance to attack in flights which comes from neighbour nations like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka
Millions of rupees have been spending on security forces and the highest level of training has been given to handle this kind of situation. Let’s enjoy this republic day with great pleasure.

Save Rain water and Earth

This nature has given the precious resources to the people but we are spoiling. We damaged as much as we could. Water is one among the important thing to survive in this world; with out water you can’t do anything. It is difficult to survive this world without water itself. There are almost seven planets and there is a chance to find more. But it is impossible to survive in those industry as it has no water. Earth is the only planet with has this important resource water to survive. This is post going to talk about water saving mainly rain harvesting. Now a days it is rare to get rain and it is much important to save this water as much as you can. 
Government has introduced new methods to save a rain water and dams are being constructed to stop the rain water to enter in to sea. Public has to take main part in saving rain water. If this water usage continues then after couple of generation, earth will dry up and no one would able to survive here. Rain barrel is used to store the rain water. You can use this rain barrels around your building and you can use this stored water to any purpose. Rain water barrel is specially designed to store and use water for more months. 
Rain water barrels are also available in all shops and the cost of it is less. This site will you all the detail about the rain water saving and barrels. There are some rain barrels for sale and you can make use of it and save the earth.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Bargaining power of buyers

Bargaining power of buyers: This is about the consumer or customer of our product. If there is more number of customers to our product then the business will go smoothly. Even if one part of customers is not satisfied we can able to focus on remaining part of product. Let me give two examples so that you could able to understand this force. Take supermarket business, the number customer is much more compare to some other business. 
Buyers will be more powerful if there is only less number of customers and there is more number of service providers. If there are only few standardised products and it is difficult for customer to switch from one product to another product then the buyer will become less powerful. If there is less number of customers then they will have a power to set the price. Service provider forced to give the products to them.

Share your experience Here

Life is precious thing, there is only one life and that has to be enjoyed. We are meeting new people day by day. We are getting new experience and we are learning from our experience as well. Many things will come to us and it will go on some other day. There is nothing constant in your life except capture memories. This memories are golden words need to be written in some where. I am sure everyone has their own diary which tells about their life. 
How will it be if you could share your life experience with others who are far away? Yes, due to technological development and internet it is possible now. You will get more gifts if you are a premium member. In this site you can share feelings with your colleague, you can ask for suggestion with your member. It is easy to upload your story; there will be separate log in area for each member where you can write whatever you had in your day. There is no age limit and there is no difference between youngster and elders. 
It gives you more journal as well it will guide for autobiography writing. Some person likes to write than typing in computer. I am such kind of person, I am writing whatever I met every day and I will show it to my son one day. He will feel the pain behind my success. I feel proud to be a member of this particular online forum. This will act as digital scrapbooks for those who uses computer in their life. I suggest you to get membership and feel the excitement.

Threat of Substitutes

Threat of substitutes: substitutes are the products which gives same result when use them. If there is a substitute for our products which gives best result than our product then it is great loss to our business. We can’t survive in a market if we can’t find any solution to this issue. Let me give one example for substitutes, initial tape recorder is used to listen to the music. It was a great business one point of time as every one listening to the music. After few days’ compact discs are introduced, it is a substitute of tape recorder business. 
The tape recorder market was getting reduced at one point of time this business went off from the market. The substitute product is danger to any kind of business as it gives much damage to the business than others. If a customer can able to switch from our product to substitute with out spending more money then it is the end of our business. 
Differentiation is the best way to sustain in market. Add differentiation or uniqueness to the product so that no customer will prefer the substitutes. The cost of our product should be acceptable compare to the substitutes. Innovation is another way to sustain; innovation in our product design attracts more and more customer and keeps them with our business itself.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Freebies for you

It is absolutely free here. There are some sites with provide you free magazine related to games, jobs, house keeping and health. This cost you nothing. You might have thing about the reason for giving these magazine. This may be to promote some of their products. They might have placed advertisement in some page of magazine which gives them enough money to print and publish this magazine.
This magazine also known as Freebies means no cost. If you want to advertise any product of your own then you can mail them the details. They are giving you free T-shirts; you just need to upload the image which you need to print on the T-shirt. You will get the T-shirt if you could able to pay shipping cost. Buy one get one offers and Free Samples also available for some products. You can find recently submitted article and free directory. They are giving us free newsletter which gives you all the details about the products and offers. 
You can submit your article and freebie with in few days. You can browse on recent articles and Free Stuff submitted by co members. You can submit your freebie with all your details. This cost you very less compare to other sites. Pay pal payments are accepted from us and give five hundred word descriptions about your freebie. Student Freebies are also available.

Tips for your Interview

Campus interview tips: final year students will get a chance to attend an interview. This means that the employer directly comes to their college to find their employee. There are certain companies make an agreement with educational institutions stating that they will hire as many students as possible. One more thing is that you will be given offer letter and designation at the time of interview. Once completing your degree you can go for training. There are few companies which give some money even before joining the company. There are some common selection methods available. 
Most companies use written test, technical interview, group discussion and finally HR interview. The first step is mostly elimination round; half of total strength will be eliminated by this written test. Once you completed written test successfully then your technical ability will be tested. If you are attending electrical or mechanical companies then they will ask from your curriculum and if you are good enough in technical interview then half done. 
You may have third or group discussion; if the total strength is more then this is the easiest way to eliminate them. Final round HR is just for formality some companies use this for elimination. If you are having talent with luck then you will be selected. Good luck.  

Trapper Hats for winter

It is going to be winter season all around the world, every one facing high end or extreme cold. Especially European countries facing the climate variation compare to last few years. Head is the most dangerous part in our body to cold. We need to safe guard the top portion as cold affects easily. Trapper hats are the best one to protect your head. There is variety of designs available, special kind of material used so that it can withstand the cold condition. Ears have to be covered properly so that our body temperature will be controlled. This site provides special kind of White Vans Authentic Trainers. You can get special offers on particular product. Online purchase can also be done. This offer ranges from 15 % to 35 %. Some item gives 50% offer if you purchase in block amount. Secured payment is possible for your purchase, verified master visa card payment method enable customer to secure their money. Different Trapper Hats available for men and women as well. There is thousands of categories available, you can select the most preferable brand. This site also gives gifts, toys, footwear and clothing. You can search the product category wise and brand wise. This is the safest and easiest way to get products.

Beautiful country to live in

There are many countries in this world people like to live. Even though every one wants to stay in their mother country than any other place, latest survey listed ninety best countries to live. There are many countries where people facing to live peacefully, they suffering in day to day life.
There is no safe to run their life safely. Due to increase in terrorism, there are many reasons to move one country to another country. India shifted to thirty five places and reached 88th place. Many factors considered while listing these countries like living cost, health and safety issues. India over take china and Russia and became the eighty eighth place. Totally there are 195 countries listed, India has got 65 points compare to 40 points last year.
Cost of living is the major factor helped India to reach this position. Sweden announced to be the costliest place to live than any other country in this world. In south Asia, India is the forth best place to live after Maldives, Bhutan and Sri Lanka. France is the first country in the list. It retained this position for the fifth continuous time. What ever it may, India is the very best to me than others. It is heaven.

Effective mechanism on Stromwater

Natural disaster are unavoidable, anything may at any point of time. We need to be protective against this kind of disasters. If you are running a business then it is necessary to keep running business around the clock. It is important to take precautionary actions for storm. Storm water pollution prevention plan guide you to avoid any uncomfortable to your business. This prevention plan also known as SWPPP. They are giving three courses to select, first one to define a strategic plan to safeguard our place from storm water. The second stage deals with training to the staff of your place. If any incident happens then they will guide you about dealing the situation. swppp will guide to regarding mechanism to handle this issue. There are certain chemicals to absorb the water and water bags to stop the water enter in to premises are given in training.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Be aware of Fake information

Dear friends, this is going to be important for internet users for education purpose. There are some sites giving you fake information. If you are going to do your research work or any assignment then you have to be very careful in selecting data. If you are final year student then you need to do with your dissertation work.
It involves collection of thousands of data. When you analyse any external or internal analysis of any company or Multi national corporation then you have to collect thousand of information about that firm. The only source to collect this data is internet. If you give the key word in Google then you will get thousands of sites which give you the required information. 
In United Kingdom, more students are suffered due this fake information. They have lost their marks in final examination. Public announcement have been made not to use such kind of site. Encyclopaedia is the best site to deal with your projects. It is also advised to refer more than two to three sites for your data collection. Better you can go for the website of your research company. Please be aware of fake sites and information. Go to the prescribed websites which will give you the exact information you are looking for

Sinks for you

Online purchase is the recent trend now a day. If you want to get some thing for your home then you need to go for shopping. The trend has been changed, no need to travel for long time, no need to stand in a queue. You can buy anything you want just by sitting in front of your computer. Let me talk about some of my experience in online purchase. Just two months back I have bought one kitchen sink by online. I just browsed on internet I have found this good site gives you all necessary home appliances. The advantages of choosing this site are that they have delivered my purchase in same day. You can select all the home appliances in one place. Every one wants to go for cheap price and good quality. It is easy to get stainless steel kitchen sink for less price but can not except good quality, where are you need to spend more money for better quality products. Fashion is the more important in our home; we are looking to keep our home good. They are giving you good model products with less money. You will be given some offer if you are ready to purchase in bulk. I could say that this is the correct place to buy any quality products for fewer prices.

New year Celebration

It was amazing to be in London eye on New Year celebration. It was new and excellent experience for me. There was incredible fire works which I have never seen in my life. Almost all people from London city gathered in front of Big Ben to welcome the New Year. Fire work which I have seen from London eye was unimaginable. 
The count down starts from 60 and when it reaches 0, oh god its lovely to see that. 
All are singing a song and enjoying with each other and sharing happiness after unexpected economic recession in 2009. There was free transport for public on first of January. It was almost half an hour; the sky is full of firework. There were different colours are made and the entire sky was shining. All light was shut down to view the fire works. W are dancing and hugging each other taking photos. 
People from all over the Europe came there to enjoy this New Year celebration. It was not most enjoyable New Year celebration as my parents and friends were missing. I am sure some day I will be enjoying this kind of moment with my family and friends. If you get a chance to go to London, enjoy this kind of unforgettable moments. I hope this year will be as happy as first day.  

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cut off mark calculation

You might have heard about cut off marks in 12th standard. If you want to do your engineering then you should know about this cut off mark calculation. This post is all about calculation of this cut off marks. First thing you need to do is that you have to concentrate on few subjects. 
To calculate, first sum up all marks of physics and chemistry and divide this total by four. You will get some marks this will be out of hundred. Then divide your mathematics mark by two then you will get some mark which is also out of hundred. 
Then add these two marks this will count out of two hundred. If you want to go to medical sciences then you have to consider biology marks instead of maths. Assume you have scored 160 in physics, 180 in chemistry and 190 in mathematics then you your cut off marks would be (160 + 180 = 340 / 4 = 85 and 190 / 2 = 95 ) 180. From this you can understand that if you score good marks in mathematical then it will give you good cut off marks. First decide which field you want to go; if you are looking for engineering then you have to concentrate on these three subjects. One of my friends who scored 1005 has got good government engineering college compare to one who scored 1050, this because first guy scored good marks in subjects and less in languages. The second guy scored good in language but it was not useful except giving him good image.

Ultra modern beds for your home

There is more number of people getting in to middle class from lower class. They are looking forward to have some what luxury life. They want to get all home appliances and all furniture required for their home. Bed and sofa are the most important think in any home or office place. There is variety of beds, cats, pillows available in market. One can browse on internet to get exact colour and quality furniture’s that they are looking for. You can purchase that modern beds by just sitting in front of your computer. Once you have done your payment, your belongings will be delivered to your home. If you purchase more number of items then you will some great discounts as well. If your home located far away from city then there will be little cost for delivering. Platform Beds allow you to browse all kind of furniture item. You can use your bank credit cards to get some discounts in your purchase. If you are looking for some specific colour or specific size and design then you can upload your requirements in internet, so that they will try their best to satisfy your needs. Start browsing online and order your purchases immediately to get some festival offers.

Uses of Bontril

Bontril is more efficient way to treating any kind of disease, it has no side effects. It has been tested very well before introduced in tho the market place. you can call or chat with customer care assistant to clarify you doubts about this product. One hour operation to reduce the high blood pressure: High blood pressure or hypertension is the most affecting disease for old people. Millions of people suffering by this disease and it can not be taken off by medical treatment but the level can be reduced to normal level. There are different techniques and tablets used to for this purpose. There are varieties of tablets available in the market to reduce the blood pressure level. You can even check your blood pressure in shops and railway station as well. There is automated system or equipments used to reduce the blood pressure level. In United Kingdom first time in the history of medicine, one hour operation to reduce the blood pressure level has been tested. After long consideration and research the doctors did some kind of operation which reduces the blood pressure level. This involves insertion of small injection in to our body which changes the stimulation signal from the brain. It is noted that the blood pressure level also been reduced after consecutive treatments.  Doctors said that this is going to be the most effective approach for blood pressure.

Hosting a website

Selecting good engineering colleges: after completing school education students will be looking for some advice from the others. This is to know about the colleges. Selecting good college is important thing; if you have an admission in one good college then it is to get a placement. At the end of your final year you will be placed in one college. This is because; companies like to conduct the campus programs in well reputed colleges than normal colleges. Okay fine, let me tell you something about this selection process. There are certain things need to be considered before get in to some colleges. Firs thing is that, infrastructure of the college; InMotion Reviews you have to look at the building and laboratory of a college. Second thing is that the teaching staffs, the student staff ratio. This should be high then only effective education would be given to all. Then look at the lab facility whether there is enough lab and machines available or not. The most important thing is placement of college. Check with the existing college students like how many companies visited last year and how many got students got the job. There are some colleges have good understanding between some companies and help the students to get placed. This can be possible if you have scored good marks in your final exam so concentrate more on exams. Good luck.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Slide shows in Home Television

Photo albums are easiest and more convenient way to recollect our old memories. You can take photo copy of all your photos and put it in album and you can view them whenever you want. How will it be if you could see all your photos with sweet background music and with proper timing? This can be done by slide shows. Here you can import all your photos and any mild or rock music well. There is no limit on file size, you can import as much as you want from your computer hard disc. Once you finished importing, you can make slide shows with the photos. You can set timing in which each slide has to move. There are some graphics which makes your slide show better. This can be viewed by your computer or with your television. You can burn one CD with this file and use it in any player at any time. This will cost you less compare to photo album. There is some specific software available to make these slide shows. You can even do this with Microsoft PowerPoint. You make movements in your photos like coming from background or rotating with some angle. It is possible to add some wordings with these slide shows which come top of your slide show.  You can convert this slide show file so that it can view using your home DVD players.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Protecting Debit & Credit cards

Fraud and criminals keep on increasing day by day and creating lots of trouble for people. There is always a victim for this kind of problem. This is for people those who are using debit cards for purchase and retailers. They have found new technique to steal from the customer accounts. There are some criminals using most recent technique, it is like they coming to shop like engineers and they are taking cash box for repair or maintenance. 
They are making some programs with that machine. When ever you swipe your card, your card details will be stored and it will be taken by them. After few days they will design a card same like yours and use your card details to withdraw money or online purchase. One more technique is that they will keep some recording chips on ATM machine, and when you insert your card to withdraw your money they will take the details of your card and use for the same purpose like I said before. 
It is advised that if you find any difficulties when you insert your card in ATM machine then immediately inform to bankers they will take necessary action. Be cautious when you use card for online purchase, give your card details only in trusted sites.

Different types of Mailboxes

There are different types of communication methods available. Letter is older and effective communication in any kind of business. You will get letter from your bank, your employer, your college and from other places. It is impossible to receive your letter with post master or delivery person as we are not available most of time in our home. Personalized Mailboxes are best useful in this case, as your letter will be put in that box and you can take whenever go back to home. 
There are different types of mailboxes available; some comes with special standing which gives you extra beauty. There are different types of mailboxes available those are wall mount mailboxes, superior mailboxes, and street side mailbox and so on. It comes with special locking system so that no one can see or take your letters. There are certain types available which is cheaper and safer. 
You can purchase Whitehall Mailboxes by online and you can fit it with out making any changes. Custom Mailboxes are another type which can be designed according to customer needs. It will be delivered to your home with out any trouble; this shipping is free of cost. There are special discount available now and you can save up to 20 % in certain types of boxes. You can compare one box with another one and you can get the best one. Your uncertainty will be cleared with online chatting.

Tube and bus ticket price going up

Bus and tube fares going up: From 2nd January the bus and tube fares are going up to certain amount. It is stated that normal oyster top up also going up from this day. This is to inform you that, the normal oyster card top up for one week pass cost you 13.80 pounds but now it goes to 16.60 pounds. And it is also noted that the tube in zone 1 goes to 1.80 per journey from 1.60, 20 p rise in one journey. 
The student oyster charges also going up, it was 9.60 per week to travel in a bus in all six zones but now it goes up to 14.80 almost 5 pounds rise. No one expected this rise in ticket prices and public showed their disappointment in this case. 
The government should have reduced some fare in this recession time but instead it is increasing the price. This rise comes in to effect from this 2nd January. I have top up my oyster which is student category and it cost me 36.40 pounds but next month it would cost around 44.80 pounds. It is difficult to survive in this country if you don’t have any proper job and continuous income.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Control of Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is the main problem in all age people; this can be cured with careful diet. Blood pressure has to maintain in normal value, it should not go high at the same time it should not go below certain level. Even though it will not affect our life immediately, if you don’t take necessary action then it will lead to heart attack. The most important thing is that you can’t find any symptoms until it gets serious. You can find high blood pressure only when you measure with proper equipment. In older days, public need to go to hospital to get blood pressure, but due to improvements in medicine there are variety of meters available. There is some digital blood pressure meters available which will give precise value with out an error. If your father has blood pressure then there is more possibility to get affected by this disease. The latest survey shows that the number of people those who uses this meter in home are less affected than others. It is easy to measure your blood pressure and it varies from 120 to 80 and it may vary from one person another. There are many tablets available in market which controls your blood pressure but if you take this for long time then there is a chance to get some side effects. You have to take healthy food and proper exercise to lower your blood pressure. There are only three steps to measure your blood pressure. It is better to have meter and check your blood pressure often. Healthy food and exercise will lower your blood pressure and improve your life style.

ICC Rankings 2009

ICC Rankings: International Cricket Council (ICC) released best batsman list for the year 2009. There are remarkable changes can be seen. Let’s have a look at the top five positions in batting side. It is proud to say that Indian opener Gambir is the top of the list. He has scored remarkable centuries and double hundreds in test against Sri Lanka and New Zealand last year. He has gained 877 points and he is the top most players in test form of cricket. Even though he played well in all form of cricket, his contribution for team India last year was amazing. 
He has scored many hundred when team India needs. Sri Lankan batsman jayawardena is the second position just behind Gambhir with 836 points. In this row, the left hand batsman cum wicket keeper Sangakkara comes in third position with his tremendous performance. He totally gained 835 points just one point less for second position. Indian striker shewag comes to fourth position with his marvellous performance. 
He is the worst attacker for bowler; he used to smash up the ball with his bat and gained 804 points. And finally Yousuf from Pakistan has got fifth place with 793 points. It is good to see two Indian and two Sri Lankan batsmen in this list.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Computer Protection

Internet is part of our life. We depend on internet for many reasons. There are many sites by which we can access online banking and many bank accounts as well. Online banking, online payments, online transfer can be done by simply sitting in front of system. We can transfer money from our account to any one in this world. It makes our work easier day by day. But there are some disadvantages in using internet as well. You need to be very careful when you surf on internet. we need to maintain secret password, we are supposed to protect our system from third party. If your computer is connected in online, then it is easy to access your system. There are many hackers roaming on internet, they will send a message to your mail box and they can able to control your system at any point of time. It is also necessary to keep our system out of virus. Virus is a kind of program which affects all your system file and it can not be used further. It is easy to hack your hard disc. Anti virus program needs to be updated every day and it costs you more to get a license as well. When you access internet in public place be aware that any one can use account and can spoil your account as well.

Stress at Work

The Indian corporate employees feeling work related stress now days. Latest survey on corporate employees shows that employee of multi national corporate getting more and more work related pressure. Late night work, no proper sleep, absence of exercise and no proper food getting them feel worst and the make them feel tired mentally. 
It is suggested that more than seventy percentages of employees are in that stress. It is evident from medical research that, if any one feel more stress continuously then there is a possibility in blood clot. It yields them to heart related problems like heart attack. 
Adults should have at least six hours per day rest irrespective of the work. They should have proper sleep with out any mindset. It is advised to have yoga class, dance class, playing any musical equipments and it results positive result among corporate employees. This is advice from research institute that the work is a small part of work, take necessary action to keep your health safely.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Payment for settlements

Savings is important thing in human life. We may require money at any point of time and it is impossible to fulfil our requirements by other. In this case savings give great help to overcome your trouble. Some time we may get money for insurance policy which we had paid couple years ago. You might have registered for car or home insurance and it is available to you at any point of time. If you want get you money immediately from insurance premium then it is almost impossible to get. There are some different agencies available outside market, where you can sell your structured payments. You can get money within couple of days and you can give them your documents to withdraw the money. But be cautious about cash for settlements the person or agency where you are giving your policy or insurance documents. This kind of settlement is known as structured settlements. You may think that it is not legal to sell these documents to third party. But it is legal to sell these documents to any body even if there is anti-sale agreement. If you have more number of settlements, then it is your wish to sell part of it or entire payments. If you have any queries related this issue you can make a call or contact any one by mail as well.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Jobs in Public sector

There was a time where public wanted to work in private sector. The reason behind this trend is that they were paying more than what a government organization do. They were getting more and more benefits from the organizations as well. There are allowances and you can even get loans easily without any background checking. But now the trend has been changed, latest survey says people those who are in public sector or government run organizations are getting more pay almost 7 % more than private sector employees. 
The people started to look at this public sector as there is no job pressure and there is no need to work over time. There is a chance to stay in housing board where you can get all facility for zero cost. Average earning in public sector is much more than the average in private sector. This is the situation all around the world not in particular place. 
Let me take one country to explain this issue, In India last year all graduates looking for software industry to join but now they are looking ahead for government jobs. They started to write public service commission exams when they are in final year. It is good to see that the government run organization looks good than private sector.

Storage space for raw materials

Trading is main part of any business. You can get all the products which required for your business. Some manufacturing unit requires raw material which is imported from foreign countries. In this case we need to store all this material with out any damage and it should be done with out any major cost. There are some storage spaces available near to ship coast but it costs us more than the real price of a product. There are private companies which providing storage space for manufacturers. Storage work is a kind of storage space provider with lots of facilities. If you would like to store your material for couple months, then you will get free of cost for first month. There are certain advantages you will get if you use this service. You will get easy access around the clock. You can find this self storage service in three different locations and you can select according to your need. It is located near to manufacturing unit so that you can access at any time. There is separate space available so that we can have control over our products as long as we want. temperature controlled storage units will give more trust to the customers. There are some boxes also available, you can get these boxes and put all your materials. You can reserve you storage space by online booking.

Cheap Train Ticket in India

Unemployment is getting more due to this economic recession. Youth are facing difficult to get a job and most of them not getting the proper job. They are ready to work even for low pay. They are ready to work which unrelated to his career. Indian government has introduced new train services from Mumbai to Delhi which for the cost of Rs 299. This train mainly focussed on youngsters those are unemployed. They are facing trouble to travel around the country and they need to spend more money to get a ticket. 
This train name “Yuva Train” introduced by honourable railway minister mamata Banerjee and 60 % of coaches go to youngster who are not working any where. They need to some sort of certificates like showing unemployment. If they have registered under central government employment scheme, they can show this certificate for the proof of unemployment. The railway minister says that if it goes well then this system will be introduced all part of India. We hope government will do something to get more employment to them.

Car Pillows

There is variety of pillows available to use inside a car. This gives you extra advantage for car users. This is all about the designs available in a car pillows. There is some specific size and each has more than two hundred models. The webpage is designed so that you can view all kind of available model. Different cars are printed above the pillows. There is an opportunity to design your own pillows, you can take any size and you can upload your photos in it. Once you done with these formalities you will be given instruction to get the pillows. You can upload your own car photos and you can able to print it on the pillows. There is a car pillow gallery which enable us to view all kind of pillows. You can define your own theme or back ground for pillows. Let me talk about some specific design and features, Brown Pillows are one kind which has good back ground image and theme you can even upload car photos and print them. This pillow made up of special kind of cover which is useful for long use and the high class cotton material used in it. It gives more flexibility when you travel on rough road surfaces. Log in to this site and design your custom pillow and order for a home delivery. This service available made available all over the world. Shipping cost for international delivery is available in website you can go visit the site for further details.