Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Control of Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is the main problem in all age people; this can be cured with careful diet. Blood pressure has to maintain in normal value, it should not go high at the same time it should not go below certain level. Even though it will not affect our life immediately, if you don’t take necessary action then it will lead to heart attack. The most important thing is that you can’t find any symptoms until it gets serious. You can find high blood pressure only when you measure with proper equipment. In older days, public need to go to hospital to get blood pressure, but due to improvements in medicine there are variety of meters available. There is some digital blood pressure meters available which will give precise value with out an error. If your father has blood pressure then there is more possibility to get affected by this disease. The latest survey shows that the number of people those who uses this meter in home are less affected than others. It is easy to measure your blood pressure and it varies from 120 to 80 and it may vary from one person another. There are many tablets available in market which controls your blood pressure but if you take this for long time then there is a chance to get some side effects. You have to take healthy food and proper exercise to lower your blood pressure. There are only three steps to measure your blood pressure. It is better to have meter and check your blood pressure often. Healthy food and exercise will lower your blood pressure and improve your life style.

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