Monday, January 4, 2010

Computer Protection

Internet is part of our life. We depend on internet for many reasons. There are many sites by which we can access online banking and many bank accounts as well. Online banking, online payments, online transfer can be done by simply sitting in front of system. We can transfer money from our account to any one in this world. It makes our work easier day by day. But there are some disadvantages in using internet as well. You need to be very careful when you surf on internet. we need to maintain secret password, we are supposed to protect our system from third party. If your computer is connected in online, then it is easy to access your system. There are many hackers roaming on internet, they will send a message to your mail box and they can able to control your system at any point of time. It is also necessary to keep our system out of virus. Virus is a kind of program which affects all your system file and it can not be used further. It is easy to hack your hard disc. Anti virus program needs to be updated every day and it costs you more to get a license as well. When you access internet in public place be aware that any one can use account and can spoil your account as well.

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