Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tube and bus ticket price going up

Bus and tube fares going up: From 2nd January the bus and tube fares are going up to certain amount. It is stated that normal oyster top up also going up from this day. This is to inform you that, the normal oyster card top up for one week pass cost you 13.80 pounds but now it goes to 16.60 pounds. And it is also noted that the tube in zone 1 goes to 1.80 per journey from 1.60, 20 p rise in one journey. 
The student oyster charges also going up, it was 9.60 per week to travel in a bus in all six zones but now it goes up to 14.80 almost 5 pounds rise. No one expected this rise in ticket prices and public showed their disappointment in this case. 
The government should have reduced some fare in this recession time but instead it is increasing the price. This rise comes in to effect from this 2nd January. I have top up my oyster which is student category and it cost me 36.40 pounds but next month it would cost around 44.80 pounds. It is difficult to survive in this country if you don’t have any proper job and continuous income.

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