Friday, January 22, 2010

Security Alerts

Only two days to go to celebrate republic day. Indians are eagerly waiting to celebrate this republic festival. This is the time to salute the hero those who lost their lives to get freedom for our country. High terror attacks and threat coming out from around the world, and the security system has been updated and full protection has been given to the public. Indian ministry has announced high level security to the public places like air port and railway stations where the crowd will be more. 
They have stated that there is more chance to get attacked. After Mumbai attack lots of security updates have been done in Indian police and security forces. Let me come to the point, security in Air India flight services have been improved due to the threat. Civil aviation security has been tightening; no one can enter in to the check in area except those who are going to fly. Biggest threat has received from terror groups that, there is a chance to attack in flights which comes from neighbour nations like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka
Millions of rupees have been spending on security forces and the highest level of training has been given to handle this kind of situation. Let’s enjoy this republic day with great pleasure.

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