Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tips for your Interview

Campus interview tips: final year students will get a chance to attend an interview. This means that the employer directly comes to their college to find their employee. There are certain companies make an agreement with educational institutions stating that they will hire as many students as possible. One more thing is that you will be given offer letter and designation at the time of interview. Once completing your degree you can go for training. There are few companies which give some money even before joining the company. There are some common selection methods available. 
Most companies use written test, technical interview, group discussion and finally HR interview. The first step is mostly elimination round; half of total strength will be eliminated by this written test. Once you completed written test successfully then your technical ability will be tested. If you are attending electrical or mechanical companies then they will ask from your curriculum and if you are good enough in technical interview then half done. 
You may have third or group discussion; if the total strength is more then this is the easiest way to eliminate them. Final round HR is just for formality some companies use this for elimination. If you are having talent with luck then you will be selected. Good luck.  

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