Monday, January 4, 2010

Stress at Work

The Indian corporate employees feeling work related stress now days. Latest survey on corporate employees shows that employee of multi national corporate getting more and more work related pressure. Late night work, no proper sleep, absence of exercise and no proper food getting them feel worst and the make them feel tired mentally. 
It is suggested that more than seventy percentages of employees are in that stress. It is evident from medical research that, if any one feel more stress continuously then there is a possibility in blood clot. It yields them to heart related problems like heart attack. 
Adults should have at least six hours per day rest irrespective of the work. They should have proper sleep with out any mindset. It is advised to have yoga class, dance class, playing any musical equipments and it results positive result among corporate employees. This is advice from research institute that the work is a small part of work, take necessary action to keep your health safely.

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