Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Best Wines

Wine is a famous drink in Europe; you might have heard the fame of French wine. If you go to France, without doubt you need to bring so many bottles of wine to your friend. Do you thing that the same wine taste different in different background?  You answer may be no. then you are wrong, latest survey says that the wine which served in red or blue background taste better than when it served in white or green back ground. 
People used to pay more money or prefer the bars which provide the red or blue background lighting. The colour of wine may impact on its taste, but this is new to hear that the background colour is also plays vital role in taste. It might be the people assumption but the survey clearly shows that this is the case. Many are saying that the wine taste better when it is provided with red or blue. The taste is almost one and half times more compare to light or green background. 
This survey was conducted in many bars in United Kingdom and especially in London. Just test the taste of wine when it served in different colour and feel the difference if you can

Online Turquoise for beloved one

Every one in this world will like jewelry. It is the precious gift to every one. If you want to make some one happy the best way to do this is get some precious gift to them. Festivals, marriages, birthdays and vacation leave are unforgettable in our life. To make the people who are near to you, get some gifts. This is not at all hard as you think no need to go and search for a gift. There are so many sites which provide you jewelry kind of gifts. The price of each item is given clearly if you want to find the price of particular item then click on the item get the unique code of that item. Go and paste the code in a cost checker box you will be given clear detail about the product. Once you are satisfied with that product get ready for purchase. You can make online purchase, select the item and pay your bills. If you have credit or debit card then it is easy to pay your bills. Some sites will also accept pay pal payment methods. This is the correct time to get Natural Turquoise Beads and make your beloved one happy. Surf on internet and get precious gift for this New Year.

Preparing cover letter

How to write a covering letter: This post will describe you about how to write a covering letter. After completing our graduation we are always looking forward to apply for a job. Two things are essential if you want to apply for a position. Those are curriculum vitae and the covering letter. Curriculum vitae include all your educational qualifications, skills, hobbies, your work experience, and you’re personal details and every thing. My tutor used to say that your resume should talk to your HR behalf of you. It means that you have to make a CV which best describes you. If you are fresher then you have to include all your co curricular and extra curricular activities. 
It will be if you could prepare your CV with in two pages maximum. If you go beyond this level then it makes HR to feel boring. If you have work experience then you have to make CV which best describes your field of experience and the responsibility you have been assigned to you. If you have experience in different organization then start with recent one. Include the periods you have stayed in particular industry. Covering letter is the one which is used to identify which position you have applied for and from where you have got to know about the job and so on.

Reduce files - improve computer performance

Computer is an important machine in human life. We need computer to perform our routine work. It is important to keep your machine as fast as you can. Performance of a computer depends on your machine configuration and the maintenance. We are using internet for many purposes, like send and receive mails from our client, surf for the necessary data, download software to update your system. This post is to discuss about how to keep our system speed and fast. When you browse files in internet it will be stored in temporary files of your drives. This will reduce the system speed. There are two to three steps to improve your system performance. First thing is try to delete the temporary files of your computer; it will increase your system performance and also reduce the memory usage. If you receive any junk mails from unknown sender delete as soon as you receive mail. Never try to open this kind of mails as it may contain virus kind of programs. The second step is not to install any unwanted software. It may run while you turn on the system and it takes more time boot your operating system. Improving your system performance by these ways. Recycle bin should be cleaned frequently, use shift + delete keys to delete any files as it directly remove those files from your hard disc and it will not be stored in your recycle bin.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Worst on field Behaviour by Ponting


The Australian cricket team captain Ponting announced as the world worst cricket player. In last twenty years of cricket, Ponting is the worst player. Many cricket legends asked him to improve on field behaviour. He used to misbehave with players of all country. He is the only guy forced to pay around $ 25,000 in his career. After this ongoing issue, that is misbehaviour with West Indies players, the former captain Taylor expressed wrong views on Ricky Ponting. 
He had problem with umpire decision almost four times (which is serious, but there are many more) since 1992. He is the worst behavioural player compare to former captain Steve Waugh and Taylor. Under captaincy, Australian team totally misbehaved 18 times almost double compare to Taylor’s captaincy. They used misbehave with Indian players but they have faced the consequences with bat and ball. Indian team always rock. This is the right time to look for the on field behaviour. Let’s hope he wont do this kind of things again.

Internet Web Directory

Internet is the pool of resource where you can get the information about any thing. There are so many websites available which gives information about specific things. There are so many sites available to purchase or sell your product. This is also discussing about the web directory and the search engines. Search engine is the first thing to remember when you look for some information. You can type the word you want to know about, immediately it displays thousands of sites which have the related information about your word. You can go and visit each and every site and will get to know about the word. There is one more way to surf in internet. You might have heard the term web directories. This is similar to search engines except that it won’t list number of sites related one particular word. Instead it consists of more number of categories. These grouped categories have more number of websites. You can visit and find the related information which you are looking for. There are some free directories are also available in which you can even add your website. With in few days you will get confirmation for your submission. There is also some business web directory which specially designed fro business purpose. To add your site to this directory you need to pay some amount and you have to update your website frequently. This is the way to get more and more traffic to your site. There are some free directories available which gives you more and more specific categories. In case of business web directories, you can find more and more e commerce websites. There is one more web directories are also available which is known as bid directories. Web directories are getting popular over search engines. Web directory is like open library where you can access all kind of websites.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Electrical Lighting

Electrical is the main part of human life. We are using electrical equipments in almost all the places. With out electrical power we can imagine a single day. Electrical power is used to cool the places which are hot at the same time it is also used to warm up the places. It is evidence that we can easily convert electrical energy in to any form of energy. If you want mechanical power, it is easy to get from electrical power. Electrical motor is used to get mechanical power from electrical power. Lighting is the most important appliances in electrical system. It is used to light up in home and it is also used for decorating purposes. There is variety of lighting system available in market. Now a days energy efficient lighting systems are available which requires less amount of power than normal one. There is advancement in technology which increases the life span of the lighting system. There are so many sites which provide electrical light catalogue which gives variety of lighting system. You can select one which you require. You can even find best lights available. They are giving replacement warranty to some of this lighting system. You can order now and get some discount. You can even send them message. You will be answered with in few hours irrespective of the time.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Future India 2020

India 2020 – you might have heard this term. This was introduced by our former president cum scientist A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. He can visualise the India in the year 2020. India is one of the fast developing countries in all the ways. Researchers predicted that India and china going to lead in global economy. India developing in all sectors like agriculture, armed forces, power sector, science, research and development and last but the most space. 
We can able to send satellite to space with out getting help from developed nations. Our scientists able to send moon vehicle even though it gets failed it achieved most of its objective. We found that there is a water layer in the surface of moon. We are the leader in software industry, all countries looking to build their business in India because of less labour cost and high quality services. Kalam said that next 11 years going to be supportive to India, many fields are going to get enormous development. 
We can see terror free, corruption free, criminal free, and people supporting government in couple of years. He added that we are going lead in the list of space research. Education level is well improved compare to last ten years. Universities giving international standard education and each and every year award winning students are getting out from colleges. Let’s hope the best for shining India.

Home decoration by planters

One of our main aim of our life is to own our home. It is easy to get one home for high class people where as it is a dream for many middle class people. Every one wants to own home irrespective of the size. They are spending their lift to purchase a home. They are looking to decorate their home as much as they can. Planter is the effective way of decorating our home. It adds extra beauty to our home and gives greenish look to those who are staying there. With out having garden, we can feel like staying in garden. 
There are different types of planters available with varying sizes. You can select according to the colour of our home wall. Outdoor Planters used to decorate out side of our home where as Indoor Planters mainly used in large size home. Window box planters are placed in front side windows so that it will be visible to all. It also has different form, you can hang up as it has less weight compare to other planters. 
Garden planters used to keep in our garden, you can select green colour box for this planters as it makes others to feel like more natural than artificial. User friendly website designed for online purchase, you can select the product and order it. You will receive the ordered product in couple of days. You can set your budget then select within that budget. Select your own Decorative Planter and order by online and add extra beauty to your home or office.

India won the series

Wow!!!!! Its amazing gift for Indian cricket fans from team India. India won the forth one day international match against Sri Lanka and seals the series with 3-1. Gambhir and Kozhi scored fabulous hundred made India to win this match by seven wickets in hand. India finished his side with 11 balls remaining. Kozhi finished his debut hundred in international match. He played such a wonderful stroke and formed clear way to the win. Initially Sri Lanka won the toss and elected to bat first, the openers did well but the tricky bowling tactics work for shewag. 
Sri Lankan opener made aggressive hundred and secured good total 315 for 5 in fifty over. Team India started to chase this big total, shewag as usual started his aggressive play but he could not able shine as he got out when he was scored 10 runs. Tendulkar also gone for 8, the team total was 22 for the loss of two wickets. 
Kozhi started with out any pressure and formed very good partnership with the Gambhir; they scored around 224 runs for the third wicket partnership. Kozhi lost his wicket when he was at 107, Gambhir and Karthik do not allow Sri Lankan bowlers to take any more wicket. Gambhir finished his 150 runs with a style. With that shot India won the match with 11 balls remaining. This is the highest score in this stadium for two teams and record winning made the series 3-1 for Indian team. Let’s congratulate the team for their fantastic performance.

Lockers for safety

In this world, safety is the most important thing. We need to be safe wherever we go, there are so many ways to protect our belongings. If you travel or stand in a bus stop of in a common place you can hear security warning frequently. Even though we are aware about theft, we could not able to protect our belongings all day. It is also not possible to keeping eye on our belongings. The best way to stop theft is keeping our belonging in a place where we have some control. Locker is the best one to save our things from thief.
Initially there are metal used to make these lockers, but thief getting wiser than public. It was not possible to protect with normal lockers, it needs to be designed with some techniques. You might have heard numbers lockers where you can use some three of four digit codes to lock and you are the only person can able to open this lock. 
With out your permission or knowing the lock code no one can open. To protect the certificates and all other important things in our school, School Lockers are used extensively. Wood Lockers are used in olden days, and it is also the best way to protect our place from robber. Bankers are using more effective way of locking as they are having most important assets of others. Many websites provides all kind of Gym Lockers where you can browse and get the required lockers for you. Take extra care on your belongings.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Difficulties faced by Indian Students in UK

Hi friends, there is one good news for Indian students and many bad news for them. Let me start with good news, pound value getting decreased. Many students might have paid their tuition fee; this is the time to pay their second term fee. 
I have paid my tuition fee when pound value is equals to 81 Indian Rupees now it is 74.7(approximately). If I pay my total fee now then I will save around fifty thousand rupees. So this is the time to change INR to GBP. And let me talk about the difficulties of Indian student in UK. This is very bad time that no one getting job. It is very difficult to get part time here; we can say that it is impossible to get with out proper reference. 
Even this Christmas not favour for students. This is my humble request to my friends those who are going to come upcoming January intake. Please find the current situation here, if you have enough money and you can able to concentrate only on studies then you are always welcome. According me it is very easy to complete master degree here compare to India. If you are looking for international exposure then you can apply for this place. Just visit home office website, there are some changes made on student national insurance number and number hours work. Please get full information about the situation and take correct decision. Good Luck.

Background Displays

Design and fashion are part of our life. We are travelling all around the world to view the natural scenarios and the beauty of this world. Due to technological improvement we can able to view all the natural scenarios in our computer. If we find any beautiful place, first thing we do is taking a snap by standing near to it. Cinema uses this technique in order cover all the viewers. There are some companies which provide the back ground displays. There are different banner stand available which adds extra beauty to our banner. 
Flooring is the main part of any kind of building. Now day’s carpet with different colour used, mostly light colours are preferred. You can even make your own design in floor carpet. Tents are mostly used to advertise some product in any place. This tent has to be made by velvet rope so that it can be easily movable and it gives enough space to display. The tent is designed with product name and it explains about product more than what the people do. Brochure stands and barricades with different designs are available with different cost. 
The things necessary for a trade show is available here. You can find presentation slide, crowd control equipment, stanchions and stage formation elements are also available. Finally the lighting for all set up is also available. From dim light setting to powerful lighting is also available here. You can find the search box at the top of the website which allows user to search their needs. They are accepting all kind of payment methods. You can pay by net banking, or with your debit card.  

Snowfall in UK

                                It is getting cold in United Kingdom. The temperature level getting reduced, day by day and finally now it is -3 deg minimum. There was snow fall and the thickness is around 5 cm. every body enjoying the cool climate. This is my first snow fall in London city and it feels superb. Even though there is lot of problems around me, the first snow fall make me feel happy. Today there was a bad incident happened here in UK; one gentle man lost his life for this snow. A 35 year electrician found dead in his garden. 
It is stated that, he lost his front door key and went back side of his home to get in to his place. But due to some problem, he not able bears the cold. In the morning the neighbours have seen his body lying on ground. They immediately took him to hospital but with in few hours his life gone out of his body. But there is no confirmed news about his death; post-mortem report will reveal the caution for his death. This is to inform you that please are aware of freezing cold, take the necessary clothes. Be prepared and enjoy this Christmas.

Collection Services from Saturn

Business is all about dealing with customers and money. Providing the service to the customer and getting money for the services. Firms have to provide quality service to their customer and the customer has to pay the charge for the services. Success of the business mainly depends on both the side. If any one fails to do will yield worst result? Many companies struggling to get the service charge from the customer where as many customer could not able to get the quality service for the money that have been paid. 
This situation requires third party assistant to collect money from the customer. This process contains many stages and totally named as collection/recovery. Saturn is one among few who are giving recovery service to the business. They are dealing with customers in three different stages. First one is basic level where you will be given letter or mailing instruction towards the payment. The next stage consists of more traditional method, tracking the customer for the repayment. Both processes do not involve any law activity and this Collection Agencies also they are providing for cheaper cost than their competitors. 
Third and final method is more of law related, where legal notice will be provided. This process is known as Legal services. The customer can access their account via internet; they can manage their account online with out physical presence. The speed, quality, accuracy with cost effectiveness is the key factor for the success of Saturn. You can contact them for any kind of queries.

Recession in UK - Impact on house sale

Latest survey says that recession in United Kingdom still more than other nations. India and China are the first nations seen recovery and the situation is getting better day by day. The other developing countries also getting better result than starting of year. But the economy in UK has fall down further and there is 0.3 % drop compare to previous time. The sale of house is higher than before in October, it is around 91,000 compare to 41,000 in January. But these figures went down to 87,000 in November with 4,000 less than previous year. 
The mortgage allocation is boost up and it is expected the sales figure will go up in upcoming months. The price of house is little bit higher than before. Royal institution survey says that the prices go up in early 2010 and increase to 1 % - 2 % compare to previous year. The imbalance between the supply and demand is improving the value of houses.

Management Solutions

The management has to run effectively in order to run business successfully. There will be variety of customers in any kind of business, tracking the customers, satisfying the customers, delivering product to the customer and finally getting money from the customers are important duties of effective management. 
There is always some trouble in facing all those functions. There is a delay in receiving money from the customer and some times it yields bad impression on our business. This problem exists in medical field as there are more number of customer and they are eagerly looking for services, they are less concentrating while dealing with money. In this case management has to take necessary step to avoid any confusion in billing and payments. Along with billing there are variety of tasks have to be considered like allocating ward, providing the proper treatment and importantly complete medical billing
Cobalt Health provides a best solution for all kind of problem. They are providing good and pioneering management cycle to run the business effectively. Error reduction is the key for their success, they almost eliminating the error before it causes any major problem. The technological headache will be removed from your business. One of the main process accounts receivable management will be provided by them. They also are assisting us in developing the strategy which is required for any firm. The collected fund from the customers will be deposited directly in to account. It reduces more administrative operation and increase the money by almost eliminating the errors.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Internet TV

Internet is everywhere, our part of life lasting with internet usage. You can able to see the videos, TV programs, live streaming programs. But it has some disadvantage; we can’t view the live TV channels any more. But there are some sites which provide us recorded programs at any point of time. Project canvass is the one which will make us to view live programs. 
There are more than five entertainment channels come together to do this project effectively. On demand programs are also available to enjoy. The set of box cost 200 pounds and it will be available in two months. There is a talk going between BBC and remaining team regarding the final version of project. This will last until February. It is stated that viewers need to pay some money to view all the channels meanwhile there are some free channels are also available. 
One important thing is that net TV user can also access the facilities like face book, orkut, you tube via this service like. Official source says that there won’t be any difference with normal internet usage. This adds extra advantage to this project. There is lots and lot of expectation for this project canvass and we hope it satisfies all our needs.

Credit Value

Credit is the main thing in any case. If you have more credit, it means that you are worth more than others. You may thing that, credit doesn’t impact on our routine work. Of course yes, but the thing if you are looking to get some loan then first thing the bank will look for is your credit value. You will get personal loan according to your credit points. let me talk about credit cards, it is like a debit card with small difference or advantage. You can able to use your debit only if you have enough balance in your account, where as in case of credit you can use even there is no money in it. Each card has certain value, you can’t use it further. This limit is called as overdraft limit and it mainly depends on how much your credit value. Mortgage is familiar term, means that we are getting money from bank by keeping our asset as a mortgage. You have to repay this money with in particular time. Finally, there are certain things need to be followed to get good credit repair.There should be some transaction over the period and you have to maintain some money in your personal account. The credit value will go low if you don’t pay your loan and other stuff. Get good credit value and enjoy the most benefits from the bank.

Mozilla for mobile

Mozilla has released its browser for mobile phones. This is the first users can enjoy the use of mozilla with their mobile like using in computer. The final version of software is in testing stage and they are going to release before end of year. So we could expect the mozilla phone browser in couple of days. The main advantage is that you can synchronise the mobile with your desktop and you can leave your computer in your office, still you can able to access the internet with the help of your phone. 
The initial version is developed for Nokia N900 mobile phone and it will be available to other mobiles with in few weeks.  You can able to download this software to your mobile and install it. You can start enjoying the surfing with your mobile phone. But there is only one disadvantage is that, this can be installed only in software enabled mobile not in any other mobile. Many users saying that Apple is strict with their software products and it won’t enable any other external software.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Work from home - blog advertising

Every one wants to work from home to get some money without physically moving out from home. There are varieties of jobs available to do so. So many people lost their money due to fake advertisement which comes when we surf on internet. Let me come to the point, blog advertising is the most useful and effective method of earning money by sitting in front of computer. First thing you need to do is, you have to get one blog and update the related information. And increase your traffic by keeping updated information in your site. Once you maintain your blog for more than three months with more number of visitors you will get good ranking from Google. This is the time you have to work hard to get some money by advertise on blogs. After getting page ranking you have to register with blogging sites like blogadvertising store. After submitting your site you will get approval for that and opportunities to write an article as well. These blogging sites have their own blog to clarity doubts of the blogger. You will get the information regarding any kind of issue. The important thing you have to remind about blogging is that, you should not copy and paste from any site. If you do the copy and pasting than your blog will be removed from the list and you will get no more opportunities. Take extra care and work hard, your work will be rewarded.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

New Year 2010

This year was not good for most of people. We have faced lot of problem from beginning. Economic recession made us to feel worst than ever. As a consequence of this many lost their job and struggling to pay the rent. The shopping centre did have more customers like previous years. We are waiting for the solution for this problem. We are at the end of 2009. We are ready to welcome this New Year 2010. There was market slash in mid of this year. Many investors lost their money with out plan investing. Some of investors lost their life.   
Many software companies faced lots and lot of difficulties. The employer of this industry is the worst affected than others. All of their allowances have been cancelled due to no project. Now it is getting better than starting of this year but it still need good recovery. If we start to thinking of 2009 there is not much good news to think. Let’s pray the god to make this year peaceful.

High quality HDTV connections

Entertainment is the main part of human day to day life. In order to satisfy the need of customer, companies releasing new improved version of electronic equipments. One among them is HDTV which refers High Definition Television. Ordinary DVD players do not support this format. Actually we need to connect separate signal converter to this HDTV. Usually high definition television delivers high quality and clarity of signal than the normal one. Input video signal to the HDTV if you can able to do so with special kind of cables and connections. Once you finished this you can able to see the higher quality video than you expected. There are some extra pins are also available in order to provide conversion. Copying problem can be avoided with this HDTV. This refers that it is difficult to copy the video content and publish on internet. They have some copy right protection. Digital signals usually give high quality picture but it may need high memory space. It is important to note down is that it requires only less memory space in case of High Definition Television. Finally it gives you very high quality signal than any other electronic devices. Use this service and get high quality video.   

Friday, December 11, 2009

Don't use mobile phones while driving

Road accidents can be reduced to low level if we follow the rules and regulations. It is adviced that we should not use mobile phones while driving. In United Kingdom the law imposed two years ago. If you found using mobile phones while driving then you will be fined 60 pounds. And license penalty also applicable to you. But the latest survey says that the mobile usage is the main cause for accident after drunk and drive. The women aged 18-22 are the most one who using mobile phones while driving. In total 2.8% drivers using mobile compare to 2.6 % in the year 2006.
Handsfree mobile users count have been increased to 4.8 % in the 2009 compare to 1.2 % in the year 2006. Please be aware of using mobile phones while driving. If it is urgent then you can stop at particular place and answer the phone. Be united and reduce the accidet rate as much as we can.

Ideas to get gift for All

It is going to be festival season. There is only two weeks to go for Christmas and three weeks for New Year. There are only few ways by which we can make our beloved one feel happy. The best way is to get them precious gifts in festival season. To get superb gift, you need to go to best shops and need to surf all around the floor. You need to stand in a queue for long time; finally you will receive your gift in your hand. 
There will be different taste for different people. Some one like electronic equipments some one may not. You first need to understand your needs. Best way you can tackle this is that you can surf on internet without travelling and with out standing on queue. You will get some offers as well for particular model. Now days youngster mad about digital cameras. They want to have at least one with them. Due to technological improvements, we are getting modern digital cameras. If you have elder or younger brother at teenage, you can make them to feel happy by giving these kind of gifts. Laptops are the most useful thing for those who are working or studying. Introduction of satellite internet connection, many of our friends want to have laptops with them. The best advantage is that we can carry wherever we go with out any difficulties. 
This is the correct time to one for you and you will get offer and prizes as well. And final but more important thing is our children. They are mad about toys. If you are staying abroad and leaving to your home for festival, then best thing to get is toys. Let me talk about most important thing price, all are looking for good quality and low prices. But this won’t happen expect festival days. Make price comparison and enjoy with your family.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Current Account Benefits

The bank provides different type of accounts to meet requirements of variety of customers. There are two types that are familiar. One is savings account and another one is current account. We might have known about this savings account. Each and every one will have at least one savings account. This gives some interest rate for deposit. Current account used not to save some money rather it can be used to for intra day transaction. 
Saving account holder can get maximum benefit from banks where as current account has no extra benefits other than transfer of fund with intra bank. Last week United Kingdom comes up with some policy to add extra benefit for current account holders. One current account holder he is continuously changing bank due to this poor interest rating. There are ten different bank current accounts that offer different overdraft limit and different interest rates. Customers classified in to their region like red, blue, black and you will be advised to take some current accounts. 
There are some banks giving maximum over draft of £ 2500 and it some other banks high interest rate up to 6%. You have to select according to your need, if you are looking for over draft limit then go for bank which gives less interest rate.

Best Tourist Place

Last week I have visited Myrtle Beach Resort with my family. I can say that we are in heaven for couple of days. I came to know that nature is precious and no artificial thing can beat them. The place where this resort situated is amazing. If you are in your room which above certain height then you can feel that you are flying and you are staying in the middle of ocean. This is why it can be known as Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resort
You can view the beauty of this world from single point. They are providing highly sophisticated rooms and services. It is so calm, wonderful, enjoyable place that I have never ever seen in this earth. If you can visit the photo gallery of Myrtle Beach Resorts which is available in their site then I am sure you will be visiting this place sooner than later. 
You can enjoy swimming with lots of games. Booking and getting there is as simple as other booking. You can get any clarification for your queries at any time. There are so many offers for group reservation as well. You can text from your mobile and you may win unexpected prizes. Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resorts are the best place to enjoy this New Year with your family. Be the first one to do that.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Albums for wedding and other occasions

Every one in this world might have enjoyed unforgettable moments in their life. There may be thousand for some people. No one remember all those sweet memories after many years. But if you go back to your school days, college days, office days which you won’t get back again will be very beautiful. In that photos are plays vital role to bring back our golden moments of our life. All can think like invention of photo is the best of all innovation in this technology world.
We are facing trouble to keep our all photos in safer place so it wont get spoiled. Photobooks are mainly used for this purpose. You can make a well bind books so that it is easy to view and keep them in a safer place. There are certain things which comes only once in our life. Marriage is precious moment in your where we will meet all of our relatives, all of our friends and above all we will get life partner who share our good and bad moments.
Wedding albums are the main thing which has to be designed in wonderful manner and has to be kept in safer places. There are plenty of professional designers are available to design your album. You can upload your photos and can select your own design and all your photos printed directly over the album. Wedding album will be delivered with out any transportation charge if you are residing in UK.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

India No 1 in ICC test ranking

Team India became number one spot in icc test cricket ranking chasing south Africa and Australia. Team won the final test match against Sri Lanka in Mumbai. After this awesome win (innings and 24 runs) India achieved top position in ranking. India is the third team to achieve this after South Africa and Australia. India started this series with third position three points behind South Africa. Zaheer Khan took five wickets in this final innings. 
Muttiah failed to face a ball from Harbajan and he lost his wicket. Our Indian team coach waiting in pavilion to congratulate team members. This is the first time since May 2001 India get in to number one spot in test cricket. Initially South Africa achieved this but Australia victory against England makes them to regain their position in the list. India required four wickets to get this victory and it took 7.5 over around 35 minutes to register this historic victory. Shewag’s 293 runs and Zaheer’s five wickets haul made India to win this match. With this happiest moment team India going to face Sri Lanka in two twenty 20 matches followed by five One day international. We hope that India will retain its position for long time. Congratulations for team India.

Pub watch

First in the history, youngster banned from entering a pub and bar in United Kingdom. Home office introduced new low on this 1st of September to reduce the crime rate in city. If any one behaves illegally after drinking alcohol then he or she will be banned to enter in to pub or other public places for minimum of two years. 
Ryan Kane is a person who misbehaved almost 40 times after getting warning from local authorities. Thames Valley police taken against action against him in last week and he will not be allowed to enter in to any pubs in a city. Local authorities have been banned him because he had been harassing and misleading with staffs and other customers. Home office has provided a place for him and of course asked him to take free course in order to relieve from mental stress.    
This ban will be active for next two years from this date and if there is a change in his moral activities then there is a chance to reduce the time period. This is the first case registered under this law and this is alert for others not to do any misleading action in public places. Enjoy your life with out disturbing others.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Unique auction site to win Apple iPod

Online purchase is the easiest way of getting products as it requires minimum efforts for shopping. You no need to travel for long distance from your home where shop is located, no need to stand in a queue to surf the products and to purchase the products. It is very east to get your deserved product just by bidding on it. There is some unique auction site available in internet where you can negotiate the prices of product.
Many electronics goods like Apple iPod, Mac Book Pro, WII and digital SLR are available to make a bid. All products with market price will be displayed. The actual running bid price also be given along with the time remaining to bid close. All product details with code is displayed and you can even get your own market price by searching on internet. There is green colour bidding button available to make a bid. If you are interested in bidding then decide your price and make a bid and win on the product. The lowest prices are ensured for customers. You can find closed bid as an example for this. To make a bid, you need to register with them. They will give some offer for those who are registering first time. And the amount you spend for each bid is very low. You will spend $ 0.05 for each bid.
If you have any doubts on bidding you can even chat with customer care team. The contact details are given in home page. You can become fan on face book by sending a mail to them. If you do so, you will get three free bidding. There are different types of bidding methods available to go. Fixed price bidding, money back bidding, and buy anytime at bidding are some among them. Payment method is also easier than any other site; you can pay via pay pal account, Visa debit card, and by credit cards.  

Troops to Afghanistan

President of United States Barack Obama, focussed on undisturbed life of Afghan. He is more concern about this issue after getting in to power. Many troops have been sent after September 11 attack, they are fighting with Taliban long time. 
In order to accelerate this war action, he has planned to send another 30,000 troops by this summer. This will go small in number by this January and entire team will be there at the end of August. Some forces will be brought back US after 12 to 18 months time. When he addresses at military academy, he stated that if sending this troops to Afghan is not useful to people who residing in US, he will bring back each and every one to home. 
The total cost estimated for this action is $ 30 million. Even though initial reaction for his action is positive, Republicans are little concern about his July 2011 deadline setting. They are thinking that it may cause wrong messages to US Allies. Obama’s Speech was viewed by so many audiences in home and abroad as well. With this $ 30 million, total spending on Afghan would cost $ 95 million in this fiscal year. In the same period $ 61 million spent on Iraq war.

Credit Cards to use

In older days we need to carry cash wherever we go. We have to spend physical money to purchase. Then the trend has been changed, cards introduced in market. Every one started to use cards as it is easy to carry, no fee to use it, compact and safer to have. We can use cards in all places. There are different types of cards available like debit card, credit card and many. In debit card, there is no over drawn limit.
It means that we have maintain some balance to use debit card, we can use only the amount which available in our account. Credit Cards are different where you have some over drawn limit. You can use even there is no balance in your account and you have to repay it in particular amount of time. Best Credit Cards available in a menu, you can select one which is convenient to you. You can compare chosen card with all other cards. Initial days, it is very difficult to get credit cards.
Only rich people can able to get these cards. There were lots and lot of procedure to apply for it but now every thing is easy. You can apply just in one click in internet. Compare Credit Cards allow us to select best card. You need to follow only three simple steps at the end you will have credit card.