Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Preparing cover letter

How to write a covering letter: This post will describe you about how to write a covering letter. After completing our graduation we are always looking forward to apply for a job. Two things are essential if you want to apply for a position. Those are curriculum vitae and the covering letter. Curriculum vitae include all your educational qualifications, skills, hobbies, your work experience, and you’re personal details and every thing. My tutor used to say that your resume should talk to your HR behalf of you. It means that you have to make a CV which best describes you. If you are fresher then you have to include all your co curricular and extra curricular activities. 
It will be if you could prepare your CV with in two pages maximum. If you go beyond this level then it makes HR to feel boring. If you have work experience then you have to make CV which best describes your field of experience and the responsibility you have been assigned to you. If you have experience in different organization then start with recent one. Include the periods you have stayed in particular industry. Covering letter is the one which is used to identify which position you have applied for and from where you have got to know about the job and so on.

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