Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Difficulties faced by Indian Students in UK

Hi friends, there is one good news for Indian students and many bad news for them. Let me start with good news, pound value getting decreased. Many students might have paid their tuition fee; this is the time to pay their second term fee. 
I have paid my tuition fee when pound value is equals to 81 Indian Rupees now it is 74.7(approximately). If I pay my total fee now then I will save around fifty thousand rupees. So this is the time to change INR to GBP. And let me talk about the difficulties of Indian student in UK. This is very bad time that no one getting job. It is very difficult to get part time here; we can say that it is impossible to get with out proper reference. 
Even this Christmas not favour for students. This is my humble request to my friends those who are going to come upcoming January intake. Please find the current situation here, if you have enough money and you can able to concentrate only on studies then you are always welcome. According me it is very easy to complete master degree here compare to India. If you are looking for international exposure then you can apply for this place. Just visit home office website, there are some changes made on student national insurance number and number hours work. Please get full information about the situation and take correct decision. Good Luck.

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