Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Expiry date on food products

This is to inform you that, people those who purchase in bulk please be aware about expiry date of product. When I was working super market in UK, I have noticed that shop owner doesn’t bother about the expiry date of products. I asked him to remove all the products and bring him in to consideration about the impact of usage. 
He does not worry about this issue more as he is willing to earn money from that. I noticed that public do not looking at the expiry date of products. They not even are looking for top of the bottle where expiry date is given clearly. Friends, please be cautious about the impact of using expired products. Finally, one customer noticed this issue and asked my shop owner some compensation. What he has asked is very less, he is the funniest guy asked only one beer bottle to have. 
If he informed the council about this, my shop license would have gone off. We might have need to pay thousands of pounds to the customer. At the end, my manager asked me dispose all the stuff which was expired. One important lesson from this post is that, we need to be very care when we buy some products from shops.

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