Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Car of the year 2010

The famous award for car in Europe has been awarded. Car of the year 2010 is the prestigious award among the car manufacturer in Europe. There were six competitors in the final list which had been short listed by 59 motoring journalist from 29 different countries. 
Competition between Volkswagen polo and Toyoto iQ was intense. Both of them got closer points, almost equal. Twenty five motoring journals voted for Volkswagen where as Toyoto iQ got 20 points. 
Polo has designed in such a way that it can satisfy most of the customer needs with all standards. It has got totally 347 points where Toyoto has got 337 points. Toyoto can able to confirm only its second position in the final round. It is first ever win for Volkswagen as a Car of the year from starting of this award ceremony. Vauxhall Astra is the next closest winner in the final competition as it secured 221 points.

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