Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Snowfall in UK

                                It is getting cold in United Kingdom. The temperature level getting reduced, day by day and finally now it is -3 deg minimum. There was snow fall and the thickness is around 5 cm. every body enjoying the cool climate. This is my first snow fall in London city and it feels superb. Even though there is lot of problems around me, the first snow fall make me feel happy. Today there was a bad incident happened here in UK; one gentle man lost his life for this snow. A 35 year electrician found dead in his garden. 
It is stated that, he lost his front door key and went back side of his home to get in to his place. But due to some problem, he not able bears the cold. In the morning the neighbours have seen his body lying on ground. They immediately took him to hospital but with in few hours his life gone out of his body. But there is no confirmed news about his death; post-mortem report will reveal the caution for his death. This is to inform you that please are aware of freezing cold, take the necessary clothes. Be prepared and enjoy this Christmas.

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