Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Reduce files - improve computer performance

Computer is an important machine in human life. We need computer to perform our routine work. It is important to keep your machine as fast as you can. Performance of a computer depends on your machine configuration and the maintenance. We are using internet for many purposes, like send and receive mails from our client, surf for the necessary data, download software to update your system. This post is to discuss about how to keep our system speed and fast. When you browse files in internet it will be stored in temporary files of your drives. This will reduce the system speed. There are two to three steps to improve your system performance. First thing is try to delete the temporary files of your computer; it will increase your system performance and also reduce the memory usage. If you receive any junk mails from unknown sender delete as soon as you receive mail. Never try to open this kind of mails as it may contain virus kind of programs. The second step is not to install any unwanted software. It may run while you turn on the system and it takes more time boot your operating system. Improving your system performance by these ways. Recycle bin should be cleaned frequently, use shift + delete keys to delete any files as it directly remove those files from your hard disc and it will not be stored in your recycle bin.

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