Thursday, December 3, 2009

Control of robotic arms

Team of scientist from Rome did miracle achievement this week. They found an electronic arm which can be controlled by mind of man. A person who lost his arm in a car accident, and he was looking for alternative. An electrode was inserted in his arm and they are trying to control this arm with man's mind. His nervous system has been connected with this steel arm.
It acts like normal arm of a man, he can able to control the action of this robotic arm. If he thinks to press something with his hand, this will automatically happens. It just replaces his original hand and there is no big difference between the old and new robotic arm. The electrodes are inserted in to his arm and connected with his central nervous system. He practised all action for the past one month. After a month the electrodes have been removed and he using this robotic arm as his original one. Let’s new innovation comes to make our life easier and safer

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