Sunday, December 6, 2009

Pub watch

First in the history, youngster banned from entering a pub and bar in United Kingdom. Home office introduced new low on this 1st of September to reduce the crime rate in city. If any one behaves illegally after drinking alcohol then he or she will be banned to enter in to pub or other public places for minimum of two years. 
Ryan Kane is a person who misbehaved almost 40 times after getting warning from local authorities. Thames Valley police taken against action against him in last week and he will not be allowed to enter in to any pubs in a city. Local authorities have been banned him because he had been harassing and misleading with staffs and other customers. Home office has provided a place for him and of course asked him to take free course in order to relieve from mental stress.    
This ban will be active for next two years from this date and if there is a change in his moral activities then there is a chance to reduce the time period. This is the first case registered under this law and this is alert for others not to do any misleading action in public places. Enjoy your life with out disturbing others.

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