Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Avoid plastic usages

Usage of plastic is usual now days. People using plastic covers at least once in a day. We can say that usually it is more than once in a day, when we go to shopping first thing we usually take is plastic covers. All drinks come in plastic bottles; all food comes in plastic papers. It is advised that use of plastic is not eco friendly, it may reduce the ground water level. 
It can not be recycled. It takes millions of years to discompose the contents presents in plastic bag. Important thing is that baby bottles contain some chemical named Bisphenol A is the reason for cancer. We need to be very careful in using those kinds of bottles. United State governments banned use of this chemical while manufacturing this bottles. 
People looking good action to safe guard the health of children from the government. Government only has the power to control the use of chemicals in this kind of bottles. Please be aware of using this kind of plastic products, it yields major damage. It is harmful to humans and environment as well.

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