Friday, December 11, 2009

Don't use mobile phones while driving

Road accidents can be reduced to low level if we follow the rules and regulations. It is adviced that we should not use mobile phones while driving. In United Kingdom the law imposed two years ago. If you found using mobile phones while driving then you will be fined 60 pounds. And license penalty also applicable to you. But the latest survey says that the mobile usage is the main cause for accident after drunk and drive. The women aged 18-22 are the most one who using mobile phones while driving. In total 2.8% drivers using mobile compare to 2.6 % in the year 2006.
Handsfree mobile users count have been increased to 4.8 % in the 2009 compare to 1.2 % in the year 2006. Please be aware of using mobile phones while driving. If it is urgent then you can stop at particular place and answer the phone. Be united and reduce the accidet rate as much as we can.

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