Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Education in UK

Education is more important in economy scale. The development of nation is mainly based on how many people educated in their country. All developing countries like India spending much more money for education. They are believed that the poverty will be reduced only by education. 
But recent research shows that UK is bottom of the list. The list contains number of people educated in various age. In 2005, United Kingdom was in the middle of the list, now it went to last almost exit from the list. There were no data found for countries like Canada and Japan. Turkey is one among few countries which getting improvement compare to other nations. 
Educated people at the age of 15 – 19 are 75 % in 2007 which is very less compare to 2005. Only 18 % of people at age of 20-29 are in education institution. And this is from my personal experience that I am doing MA International Business Management and strength of my class is 27. There is no Home students all are from overseas. Governments are taking necessary steps to increase this number. They are going to spend much more money for education and some policies going to be implemented to encourage the students to get participate in higher studies.

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