Saturday, December 26, 2009

Future India 2020

India 2020 – you might have heard this term. This was introduced by our former president cum scientist A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. He can visualise the India in the year 2020. India is one of the fast developing countries in all the ways. Researchers predicted that India and china going to lead in global economy. India developing in all sectors like agriculture, armed forces, power sector, science, research and development and last but the most space. 
We can able to send satellite to space with out getting help from developed nations. Our scientists able to send moon vehicle even though it gets failed it achieved most of its objective. We found that there is a water layer in the surface of moon. We are the leader in software industry, all countries looking to build their business in India because of less labour cost and high quality services. Kalam said that next 11 years going to be supportive to India, many fields are going to get enormous development. 
We can see terror free, corruption free, criminal free, and people supporting government in couple of years. He added that we are going lead in the list of space research. Education level is well improved compare to last ten years. Universities giving international standard education and each and every year award winning students are getting out from colleges. Let’s hope the best for shining India.

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