Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Internet TV

Internet is everywhere, our part of life lasting with internet usage. You can able to see the videos, TV programs, live streaming programs. But it has some disadvantage; we can’t view the live TV channels any more. But there are some sites which provide us recorded programs at any point of time. Project canvass is the one which will make us to view live programs. 
There are more than five entertainment channels come together to do this project effectively. On demand programs are also available to enjoy. The set of box cost 200 pounds and it will be available in two months. There is a talk going between BBC and remaining team regarding the final version of project. This will last until February. It is stated that viewers need to pay some money to view all the channels meanwhile there are some free channels are also available. 
One important thing is that net TV user can also access the facilities like face book, orkut, you tube via this service like. Official source says that there won’t be any difference with normal internet usage. This adds extra advantage to this project. There is lots and lot of expectation for this project canvass and we hope it satisfies all our needs.

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