Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mozilla for mobile

Mozilla has released its browser for mobile phones. This is the first users can enjoy the use of mozilla with their mobile like using in computer. The final version of software is in testing stage and they are going to release before end of year. So we could expect the mozilla phone browser in couple of days. The main advantage is that you can synchronise the mobile with your desktop and you can leave your computer in your office, still you can able to access the internet with the help of your phone. 
The initial version is developed for Nokia N900 mobile phone and it will be available to other mobiles with in few weeks.  You can able to download this software to your mobile and install it. You can start enjoying the surfing with your mobile phone. But there is only one disadvantage is that, this can be installed only in software enabled mobile not in any other mobile. Many users saying that Apple is strict with their software products and it won’t enable any other external software.

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