Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Recession in UK - Impact on house sale

Latest survey says that recession in United Kingdom still more than other nations. India and China are the first nations seen recovery and the situation is getting better day by day. The other developing countries also getting better result than starting of year. But the economy in UK has fall down further and there is 0.3 % drop compare to previous time. The sale of house is higher than before in October, it is around 91,000 compare to 41,000 in January. But these figures went down to 87,000 in November with 4,000 less than previous year. 
The mortgage allocation is boost up and it is expected the sales figure will go up in upcoming months. The price of house is little bit higher than before. Royal institution survey says that the prices go up in early 2010 and increase to 1 % - 2 % compare to previous year. The imbalance between the supply and demand is improving the value of houses.

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