Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Best Wines

Wine is a famous drink in Europe; you might have heard the fame of French wine. If you go to France, without doubt you need to bring so many bottles of wine to your friend. Do you thing that the same wine taste different in different background?  You answer may be no. then you are wrong, latest survey says that the wine which served in red or blue background taste better than when it served in white or green back ground. 
People used to pay more money or prefer the bars which provide the red or blue background lighting. The colour of wine may impact on its taste, but this is new to hear that the background colour is also plays vital role in taste. It might be the people assumption but the survey clearly shows that this is the case. Many are saying that the wine taste better when it is provided with red or blue. The taste is almost one and half times more compare to light or green background. 
This survey was conducted in many bars in United Kingdom and especially in London. Just test the taste of wine when it served in different colour and feel the difference if you can

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