Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Inflation - You might have heard this term in all news channels as well as in all news papers. Many of us don't know about this at all. But, inflation is the one, entire economic growth of a nation mainly depends on this. Inflation is calculated by just comparing the price of some products that we are using in day to day life. Higher inflation doesn't mean that economy of a nation is growing at the same time less inflation doesn't mean the same. It should be constant term. It is given in integer constant. We had negative inflation at one point of time even though commodity prices are very high compare to last year. Here is simple example to understand this inflation. Let the price of one litre oil is 75.00 last year and now it is available at the cost of 70.00 then it means that, the inflation is -5.00, but they don't consider only one item to calculate this inflation actually it is around 30 products to be considered while finding inflation rate. It should be normal for better economic growth.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Swine Flu - Avoid infection

Swine Flu - One of the term which we hear now a days. It is a pandemic disease, no medicines found so far. According to researchers it takes four more months to get a medicine. Better we can prevent this instead cure. we have to be more cautious about this flu. It is like normal flu but dangerous to the people those who are above 60 years old and for the children. Best way to protect our selves is keep cleaning your hands.
Please try to avoid crowded area, if any one affected in a crowd then there is a possibility of spreading. You should take test if you have any symptoms. It is recommended that we need to exercise daily so that we can improve our immunity level and can prevent from infection. Pregnant women are the one who need to be more cautious as it affects them easily. There is no scientific data regarding prevention by using masks. It directly affects the respiratory system.The symptoms are fever, cough or sore throat, mild respiratory illness. Be cautious and avoid infection as much as possible.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Passport - Applying Procedure

Applying for passport - Every one may dream about staying in abroad. It may be for any purpose like to study, to work, to visit, and so on. One thing you need to have is valid passport of your nation. This is identity to all. You have to meet certain things to apply for passport. You need to provide three valid address proof, and one date of birth proof. There are two scheme to apply.
Ordinary method - where you need to submit the above said proof. You passport will be dispatched after 40 days(approximately) if you have provided enough documents. second scheme is tatkaal scheme, where you need to provide one more valid address proof and affidavit from lawyer.
This will be useful those who need passport within short period of time. Here, passport will be dispatched with 7 working days(approximately). Important point to note down here is, You should stay in our place for more than one year. You can trace your application status in website itself.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ashes Series 2009 - England won

It is a wonderful moment for cricket fans in England and supporters of England all around the world. England won the series with 2-1 and bring back ashes urn back to their country. Australia all out for 348 while chasing the big target of 546. It is second Ashes series loss for Ponding as a skipper of his side. He added that, England played very good cricket and they deserve for this win. Its going to be very big moment for England all rounder Andrew Flintoff as he is going to get rest from international test cricket. In this 5 match series, England won the second test lead the series. Australia won 4Th test and made series level. In this final do or die match England showed extra ordinary performance and seals this series with this historic win. Australian all rounder M.Clarke won man of the series title. England captain Andrew Strauss is the one who scored highest run in this series. Flintoff helped his side with the ball and bat. England bowler Broad showed good performance in this match along with the spinner. With this loss Australia loss its place in the ranking list and went to Fourth place after south Africa, Sri Lanka and India.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wind Turbine - To Power Home

Electricity - Big thing need to run day to day life. We need power to heat the water, to cool the water and for everything. Now a days we are spending lots of money for electricity. Even though it is more cost, we can not neglect it. We mainly depends on fuels for electric power. Government and private doing many research activities to get power with minimum cost and less pollution. Professor of Oxford university came up with new idea that, Use of wind turbine to get power. Initially it looked meaning less but when he proved in practical it is amazing to see. Here, induction motor used as generator which generates enough power to run home appliances. Cost of installation will be taken after three to five years. Cost of generation is low compare to all other way of generation. If this come to practical, definitely reduce pollution too as there is no fuel is used. He designed a model with blade width is less. He said that it would be grateful to see if we could increase the blade width.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sehwag move from Delhi Team??

Sehwag, best opener in Indian cricket team wants to move from Delhi to Haryana as he has some issues with the team selector. He has been playing for Delhi team since 1998 and likely to move to Haryana from the season 2009-10. The reason for this move is heavy interference in team selection.He is the one who scored triple century in test cricket twice. He is the best opener in international cricket for team India. He belongs to Delhi cricket team in Ranji Trophy.He said that four team selectors for Ranji Trophy keep on putting themselves in team selection with out consulting others. when he is in international team, these selectors put pressure on players so that they could not be done well, he added later. Sehwag not even satisfied with junior team selection. To play for another team, he need to get No-Objection certificate from previous team. The authority hopes that he wont come to get certificate. If he comes then they are ready to give it as soon as possible. One more opener in international cricket Gautam also interested to support Sehwag as he is also disappointed with team selection process. Lets see what happen next..

Monday, August 17, 2009

Dravid Back to Team India

It is good to see the great batsman of Indian cricket team back to team. He will be a part of 15 members team announced for upcoming tri-series and Champions trophy. He played one day international match for team India two years back in October 2007. Sehwag name was not included in the team as he is recovering from severe injury. Raina will also be part of the team. Dravid expected to be middle order batsman. He played good innings in the recent matches.Ojha will be replaced by Leg-Spinner Amit mishra.Dravid expected to play the next month series in srilanka and champions trophy which is going to be held in south Africa from September 22 to October 5. Rohit Sharma not included in this squad as he didn't perform well in the last series. It is nice to see experienced man back to team. Sachien, who is out of team in west indies series makes come back.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Electric Car - Volt - 100 KMPL

Can you imagine a car which runs 100 Kilo metre for one litre of fuel??? You might have a dream about this! But it happened. Dream comes to real. One of the biggest car manufacturer in the world General Motors have designed a car named VOLT which can run up to 100 KM per litre. It is mentioned clearly in their statement that it has two mode of operation. First mode is called Electric mode where electric battery used to run an engine after that once battery power goes off, engine automatically switched to second mode where engine-generator produces sufficient power to charge the battery. One more notable point is that it is very easy to charge up the battery. It looks like a normal car which runs in petrol. It will be available with in two years of time. It has enough space to travel with four members. It is an Eco friendly, 150 hp, 4 cylinder car.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

IPL T20 - Season 3

Its going to be cricket festival soon. Indian premier league twenty 20 championship 2010 going to start 10 march 2010. Four more new venues added for this season 3. There is announcement from top management stating that entire series consists of 60 matches where as last year 45 matches played. There will be additional match for third spot. The first match will be on 12 of march between defending champion Deccan chargers and Kolkata Knight Riders. It is expected that Ganguly may lead a team this time. Modi, the chairman of IPL T20 said that two more teams will be added in 2011 tournament.The final match would be held on 25 April 2010. Four new venues for this season 3 would be Nagpur, Vishakhapatnam, Ahmedabad and Dharamsala. Its going to be great 45 days to all Indian cricket fans as well as world cricket fans.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Blogger Tool

Reciprocal Link Checker - This is the tool i have included in my blog. This will be useful to check whether our link is present in other's blog or not. It will be very simple to use. Please follow the following steps. Just enter your domain in the box given the top, then enter all the website addresses where you need to check your link. Once you entered all your site address press submit button. After few seconds you can find the list of addresses where your link is present and list where your link is not present. The site which is given in green in color shows availability of your link. Red in color clearly mention that your link is not added in that particular site. Please take more care while entering list of addresses in second box. If you miss out anything then results will be in red even your link is added. Hope it will be useful for you. Please add your comments.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Group Discussion Techniques

Group discussion – now days it is part of interview process. Employers expecting knowledge to handle the team other than subject knowledge from their employees. Best way to check their ability is making Group discussion as a part of recruitment process. Getting knowledge in technical aspect is simple. There are many steps to be followed to get selected in group discussion. Simple principle is “Speak, Listen, and Share”. You have to give value points to the given topic and you have to allow others to speak and share your thoughts with them. If you are initiator, then you are in responsible to lead a discussion in successful way.
When you give one valid point ask others to share their thoughts about it.
If any one want to speak, please give them a chance to speak.
One important thing is don’t argue with others as it makes entire discussion like debate.
Don’t deviate from main topic.
Give any valid example which is relevant to the given topic.
Before end time, you have to summarize the discussion and come to one conclusion.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Swine Flu - First death in India

Its going to be terrific news for people those who residing at Pune. First death has taken place in Pune due to this H1N1 flu infection.14 year old girl studied in St Anne's High School got affected by this pandemic disease. She was admitted in private hospital instead of isolation ward in government hospital. Tamiflu used to test the samples as she was admitted in private hospital due to that result of test delayed. People came to know about infection of H1N1 later stages when she was in critical condition. Finally she couldn't be saved. Union health minister asked public to go to government hospital and check for this infection even if they have cold, cough as it may yields to infection. 23 new cases are reported in Pune this week. Two students from the same school have infection and they are being treated in private wards. Public rushed to the hospital for the check up and doctors asked them to go home as it can be treated easily. As we know prevention is better than cure, Please take care of yourself to avoid H1N1 infection.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dhoni - Indian Cricket team captain

Mahindra Singh Dhoni Born in Jharkhand in the year 1981 become the most popular person in India. He is the one, who have taken up the captaincy first time ever in his career and won the first great series 2000 ICC World Twenty20. He is the most cool captain that team India never had. Under his captaincy team India has won historic series. India has won both test and ODI series against Australia after many more years. Winning New Zealand in their home ground is almost impossible, but Dhoni and co proved that nothing is impossible by sealing the series against New Zealand. He won many awards including ICC ODI player of the year 2008. Interesting fact is that, he is the first Indian player to receive this award. He played few first class matches he never taken captain role in his first class matches. He started his career as an aggressive player and totally changed his batting style. He can able to play according to the situation. He has an ability to change a bowler to bowl in a way he wants.

Monday, August 3, 2009

BMW India

One of the best car manufacturers in the world BMW has started its first motorcycle production in the year 1923. Actually BMW is one of the aircraft engine production company after First World War, it supposed to close its manufacturing unit. It made its first foot print in automobile industry in the year 1928-29. All of us know the symbol of BMW (circular blue and white). It simply shows the movement of an airplane propeller. White color shows the blade movement cutting through the blue sky. In the year 1959, automobile division of BMW was in financial difficulties. In 2006, it produced 1,366,838 vehicles in five countries. BMW’s motorcycle division is called BMW motorrad. R32 was the first successful motorcycle after few failures. It enters sports bike production in 2004 with new K1200S. In India, it started its production in 2006. Every one may have dream to get BMW in their life, let’s hope it happens soon.

Manmohan Singh

The man, who started his career as a Rajya Sabha member from Assam reached extreme end as 14th and current prime minister of the Republic of India. He has had master degree from world top most universities, the university of Cambridge and the University of Oxford. He has taken up many more responsibilities before reached this position. He has taken up almost all the important positions in an assembly. Here are few of them,

The Economic advisor in the Ministry of foreign trade for India 1971-1972
The Chief economic advisor in the Ministry of Finance, India 1972-1976
The Director of Reserve Bank of India 1986-1980
The Governor of Reserve Bank of India 1982-1985
The Deputy Chairman of planning commission of India 1985-1987
The Finance minister of India 1991-1996
The ever green prime minister of India 2004- Present

We may miss out many roles which he played. He achieved a lot that no one actually can. He is the one, who introduced Globalization. We are enjoying Multi National Corporate in India. Those things are because of this legend’s policies. He knows each and every part of Economics as he hold honors from top most universities. In the year 2007, India’s economic growth rate is 9% which was achieved by Dr.Singh’s Policies. Above all the best thing which shows his terrific talent is, the way his government handling this economic recession.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happy Friendship Day

Dear all, I wish you happy friendship day to every one in this world. God created many great things in this world. One among them is Friendship. If you are in trouble, your mother may cry or your father might cry, even your brother may do so as they are blood relative to you. But one who doesn't know about your trouble, try to take part in yours that relation is known as friend. There many proverbs to explain friendship but it is impossible to define friendship in simple words. It is beyond all. No one can define and explain but only can feel it. In 1935, United States Congress announced first Sunday of every August as friendship day after a man died for his friend.
It spreads all over the world. In this precious day friends exchange their wishes to each other. They may give cards, gifts to their friends. And finally i want to say one thing about friendship, "It is one of the thing that give value to survival". May god make this world full of friends