Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Swine Flu - Avoid infection

Swine Flu - One of the term which we hear now a days. It is a pandemic disease, no medicines found so far. According to researchers it takes four more months to get a medicine. Better we can prevent this instead cure. we have to be more cautious about this flu. It is like normal flu but dangerous to the people those who are above 60 years old and for the children. Best way to protect our selves is keep cleaning your hands.
Please try to avoid crowded area, if any one affected in a crowd then there is a possibility of spreading. You should take test if you have any symptoms. It is recommended that we need to exercise daily so that we can improve our immunity level and can prevent from infection. Pregnant women are the one who need to be more cautious as it affects them easily. There is no scientific data regarding prevention by using masks. It directly affects the respiratory system.The symptoms are fever, cough or sore throat, mild respiratory illness. Be cautious and avoid infection as much as possible.

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