Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happy Friendship Day

Dear all, I wish you happy friendship day to every one in this world. God created many great things in this world. One among them is Friendship. If you are in trouble, your mother may cry or your father might cry, even your brother may do so as they are blood relative to you. But one who doesn't know about your trouble, try to take part in yours that relation is known as friend. There many proverbs to explain friendship but it is impossible to define friendship in simple words. It is beyond all. No one can define and explain but only can feel it. In 1935, United States Congress announced first Sunday of every August as friendship day after a man died for his friend.
It spreads all over the world. In this precious day friends exchange their wishes to each other. They may give cards, gifts to their friends. And finally i want to say one thing about friendship, "It is one of the thing that give value to survival". May god make this world full of friends

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