Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Electric Car - Volt - 100 KMPL

Can you imagine a car which runs 100 Kilo metre for one litre of fuel??? You might have a dream about this! But it happened. Dream comes to real. One of the biggest car manufacturer in the world General Motors have designed a car named VOLT which can run up to 100 KM per litre. It is mentioned clearly in their statement that it has two mode of operation. First mode is called Electric mode where electric battery used to run an engine after that once battery power goes off, engine automatically switched to second mode where engine-generator produces sufficient power to charge the battery. One more notable point is that it is very easy to charge up the battery. It looks like a normal car which runs in petrol. It will be available with in two years of time. It has enough space to travel with four members. It is an Eco friendly, 150 hp, 4 cylinder car.

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