Monday, August 3, 2009

BMW India

One of the best car manufacturers in the world BMW has started its first motorcycle production in the year 1923. Actually BMW is one of the aircraft engine production company after First World War, it supposed to close its manufacturing unit. It made its first foot print in automobile industry in the year 1928-29. All of us know the symbol of BMW (circular blue and white). It simply shows the movement of an airplane propeller. White color shows the blade movement cutting through the blue sky. In the year 1959, automobile division of BMW was in financial difficulties. In 2006, it produced 1,366,838 vehicles in five countries. BMW’s motorcycle division is called BMW motorrad. R32 was the first successful motorcycle after few failures. It enters sports bike production in 2004 with new K1200S. In India, it started its production in 2006. Every one may have dream to get BMW in their life, let’s hope it happens soon.

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