Thursday, August 6, 2009

Group Discussion Techniques

Group discussion – now days it is part of interview process. Employers expecting knowledge to handle the team other than subject knowledge from their employees. Best way to check their ability is making Group discussion as a part of recruitment process. Getting knowledge in technical aspect is simple. There are many steps to be followed to get selected in group discussion. Simple principle is “Speak, Listen, and Share”. You have to give value points to the given topic and you have to allow others to speak and share your thoughts with them. If you are initiator, then you are in responsible to lead a discussion in successful way.
When you give one valid point ask others to share their thoughts about it.
If any one want to speak, please give them a chance to speak.
One important thing is don’t argue with others as it makes entire discussion like debate.
Don’t deviate from main topic.
Give any valid example which is relevant to the given topic.
Before end time, you have to summarize the discussion and come to one conclusion.

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