Monday, August 24, 2009

Passport - Applying Procedure

Applying for passport - Every one may dream about staying in abroad. It may be for any purpose like to study, to work, to visit, and so on. One thing you need to have is valid passport of your nation. This is identity to all. You have to meet certain things to apply for passport. You need to provide three valid address proof, and one date of birth proof. There are two scheme to apply.
Ordinary method - where you need to submit the above said proof. You passport will be dispatched after 40 days(approximately) if you have provided enough documents. second scheme is tatkaal scheme, where you need to provide one more valid address proof and affidavit from lawyer.
This will be useful those who need passport within short period of time. Here, passport will be dispatched with 7 working days(approximately). Important point to note down here is, You should stay in our place for more than one year. You can trace your application status in website itself.

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