Monday, August 3, 2009

Manmohan Singh

The man, who started his career as a Rajya Sabha member from Assam reached extreme end as 14th and current prime minister of the Republic of India. He has had master degree from world top most universities, the university of Cambridge and the University of Oxford. He has taken up many more responsibilities before reached this position. He has taken up almost all the important positions in an assembly. Here are few of them,

The Economic advisor in the Ministry of foreign trade for India 1971-1972
The Chief economic advisor in the Ministry of Finance, India 1972-1976
The Director of Reserve Bank of India 1986-1980
The Governor of Reserve Bank of India 1982-1985
The Deputy Chairman of planning commission of India 1985-1987
The Finance minister of India 1991-1996
The ever green prime minister of India 2004- Present

We may miss out many roles which he played. He achieved a lot that no one actually can. He is the one, who introduced Globalization. We are enjoying Multi National Corporate in India. Those things are because of this legend’s policies. He knows each and every part of Economics as he hold honors from top most universities. In the year 2007, India’s economic growth rate is 9% which was achieved by Dr.Singh’s Policies. Above all the best thing which shows his terrific talent is, the way his government handling this economic recession.

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