Sunday, August 9, 2009

Blogger Tool

Reciprocal Link Checker - This is the tool i have included in my blog. This will be useful to check whether our link is present in other's blog or not. It will be very simple to use. Please follow the following steps. Just enter your domain in the box given the top, then enter all the website addresses where you need to check your link. Once you entered all your site address press submit button. After few seconds you can find the list of addresses where your link is present and list where your link is not present. The site which is given in green in color shows availability of your link. Red in color clearly mention that your link is not added in that particular site. Please take more care while entering list of addresses in second box. If you miss out anything then results will be in red even your link is added. Hope it will be useful for you. Please add your comments.

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