Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wind Turbine - To Power Home

Electricity - Big thing need to run day to day life. We need power to heat the water, to cool the water and for everything. Now a days we are spending lots of money for electricity. Even though it is more cost, we can not neglect it. We mainly depends on fuels for electric power. Government and private doing many research activities to get power with minimum cost and less pollution. Professor of Oxford university came up with new idea that, Use of wind turbine to get power. Initially it looked meaning less but when he proved in practical it is amazing to see. Here, induction motor used as generator which generates enough power to run home appliances. Cost of installation will be taken after three to five years. Cost of generation is low compare to all other way of generation. If this come to practical, definitely reduce pollution too as there is no fuel is used. He designed a model with blade width is less. He said that it would be grateful to see if we could increase the blade width.

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