Saturday, October 31, 2009

Impact of Economic crisis on banking sector

Economic crisis - Many banks in US are sinking due to this economical crisis. Even though experts are saying that this crises will come to an end soon, the impact of crises in some what un acceptable. Last Friday, 15 banks are seized due to improper business loans, and in sufficient fund to run their business. With this fifteen banks, total number of banks lost their business reached 115 -120 since the crises started. still there is a chance of few more banks to come.
This is worst situation after 1992. People those who got their loan from these banks are not able to repay the amount. The employees are affected worstly and they do not know where to go. Washington Mutual is the one among those fifteen, which fall in this crises.
It is noted that the total assets of this financial institute was $ 307 in 2008. The reason behind this is improper lending money to their customers and they can not able get back the money as they are struggling to go. One important thing to consider is, the employees and the actual customers are in trouble with out knowing where to go.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

History of job search engine - monster

We are looking for job all the time, but one who is brilliant actually used this opportunity to start a new business. last week i read one article about history of monster job search engine. I found the meaning for the term "winners don't do different things, they do the things differently". Yes, now a days most of us using monster to find a job.
Let me tell the real history of this search engine. There were a situation, people searching for the job in news papers, articles and so on. One man actually winner of this story used this option and created a website called monster. His thought was, there are some jobs and there are some jobs. But there is nothing to connect this two.
He got an opportunity to visit one stall where those people explained about web hosting. That was the time www term enter in to this computer world. He used those technique to create a wonderful website which is billion worth now.
It is not only business to him but also helping thousand people to get a job and it is helping to decide their future as well. Dear friends think differently and be a winner. there are thousand to find out. Make it happen.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Indian salary growth

It is clear from the latest survey that Indian employees are getting more salary compare to other Asian country employees. There are many Multi National Companies willing to import their project due to cheap labour cost and man power. Now the trend is, they are ready to pay more incentives due to the outcome of the project.
And the recession in India getting better now. It fully recovers with in few months. The economy growth rate is keep on increasing. In European countries still people loosing their job due to this recession. In a employment news paper employers' ad getting reduced instead employees are ready to give advertisement for seeking a job. They are getting only few interview opportunities even though they applied for many.
In that final result is not good. Only thing is, they are ready to do any kind of job to run a family. Most families accepting students as paying guest.
They are looking for alternative way to get some money. Indian companies are getting more and more project proposals which in turn increases job opportunities. One important thing to note down is, don't spend to much money. Try to save as much as possible.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Winter in England

Winter starts : Its going to be winter for next few months in England. Every one getting ready to face the cold. It is easy to handle this for the people who are residing here. But
there are many students from some other countries entered here for higher education. Theymight not have seen this cold in their home country. So, get the cloths which make you to feel warm. Get shoes not normal one, it has to withstand this climate. It is expected that temperature may go below zero deg. use glouse for your hands to make your self comfortable.
use appropriate creams so that your skin will not get dry. Take hot water to drink as well as to bath. One more important thing is, to save day light every clock goes one hour back. so adjust with it. Make a change in all your day to day activities.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Avoid Drunk and Drive

Don't drink and drive : Accidents may happen at any time. But that should unexpected event.There are certain situations where we our self get in to trouble. The consequences we are facing will be unbearable. It is heart breaking news that i read on newspaper.
22 years old lady drunk more than the normal limit and drive in a highway with her friends. Friends asked her to not to drive a car in that condition but she didn't accept them and drove fast.
At certain point she losses her control and hit with standing vehicle in the road. Her friends those who satin back seat lost their lives. And she got the jail and penalty for drunk and drive. The family of those friends who lost their lives in this accident could not able to bear this. Friends, there are thousand things to enjoy in this beautiful world.
Don't play with your life, it not only affects you but also person who depends on you. There are thousands of posters we are seeing in the road side. Most of us not accepting the fact. Be wise, have a good life.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rules to be followed

There are certain rules that should be followed. I met with an incident which make me to feel proud to stay in this country. Every Monday, people come and collect home waste materials. There are different types of wastage. They need to keep each separately. One day, one lazy fellow mixed plastic bag with recycle wastage. The house hold warned him. But he didn't accept this at all.
And this gentle man just take photo of this issue and send it to higher officials. The next week, lazy fellow punished for his foolish work. Things going normal now a days. It is simple to hear but behind this incident there are lot to thing.
Each should take their own responsibility to make this world keep and safe. We have to keep this world good to our followers. Thanks to the gentle men who takes this step. And hope we do take our own responsibility at all time.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Ban on energy drinks in school

Hi to all.. Its good to hear that some schools in UK have banned energy drinks on schools. It is noted that some of the students who are using this drinks are not in normal. They are behaving unexpectedly. Their performance in studies also not acceptable. This decision is made after consulting with some popular retailers in UK.
They are also agreed with this remarkable decision taken be Schools. Even though there is no law to impose this, there is mutual understanding between schools and retailers.
Some of the products are not good for students in health as well as their other activities. This is actually a good news, it would be better if all schools follow this. Students have to follow this rule so that they can have happier life.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Unemployment - Every where, Renting issues

Unemployment is the phenomena which affecting most of the countries in this world. Many employees are losing their job because of the economical slow down. Governments are taking steps to improve the economy and the employment conditions. Employers are not able to pay salary to the employee. If this continues then the condition will be worse than expected.
Let me come to the point, many people in UK are not able to pay their rent at all due to this unemployment.
land lords are the one who need to be worried. More landlords are renting their properties and with that they are paying mortgages. According to the law, landlords can’t do anything even tenants didn't pay their last two months rent. If they want to vacate them, they need to wait for two months.
Court order should be given to the tenants before proceeding further actions. It takes at least two months to get the order
after filing the case in court. Dear landlords take extra care while lending your property.
It is the worst time for all. Hope the best.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

High speed Internet

In this technological world, we can’t imagine a single day without Internet. Due to increase in demand, the service providers keep on increasing the speed of the Internet connection. Developing countries are the one who are using high speed Internet connection. The speed of the Internet connection is measured in terms of mbps with is mega bytes per second.
In India the maximum speed is 3 mbps whereas most of the developed countries like USA, UK are using the highest speed in this world. But the fact behind this is, UK ranked only 30th place in the Internet speed.
Some countries are ready to use “ready for tomorrow” technology where expected speed is 1 Gbps that is giga bits per second. The average download speed is 4.75 mbps whereas the average upload speed is 1.3 mbps. The introduction of fibre optical cable is the reason behind this high speed Internet. We hope all users in this world get the high speed Internet in near future.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Heavy rain fall in south India

Southern states of India flooding due to heavier rain. Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi expected to meet people those who are affected by heavy rain fall. Ten districts are announces as worst affected areas.
Bellary is the one among ten northern districts of karanataka. Another south state of India, Andra is also affected by this heavy rain fall. Three towns and 200 villages of this state still in water. Andra expecting Rs 10,000 crore from National calamity Contingency Fund to rehabilitate the situation and affected people. Depression in the Bay of Bengal from September 29 to October 2 is the main reason for this heavy rain fall. Karnataka chief estimated loss of crops and public property worth Rs 20,000 crore. All party meeting scheduled on Monday postponed. This is due to the opposite party leaders could be able to reach Bangalore.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Verification of Blog

Hi this post to verify Get your potbellied pig to mate that this is my own blog. This is interesting and i never experienced. I visited one exciting site and registered there. The confirmation is about to give. before that they want to check whether this blog is mine or not.
The way the handled this is amazing really. They generated some words randomly and asked me to put in this post so that they can confirm. Its really amazing and good way of handling frauds. Keep rocking friends.

sms from email

SMS- small message service. Every one in this world know about this word. Life with out mobile is unimaginable like wise mobile without message is too. Initially all mobile phone users getting this service free of cost. Later they started to charge for each and every message, after some time they introduced new scheme called booster pack. It is similar to top up but we don't get any credit for this top up instead we can able to send free message to mobiles for particular period of time.
Usage of Internet becoming more popular and it provides many to send a message to mobile phones as well. To send a message we need to register in some sites. Then only we can able to send text messages. How will it be if we could able to send text message from our mail id. There is a chance to send text, for that you need to register in one site which provide you to send free messages.
You have to register with you email id so that you can able to send messages even with out log in to that particular site. I used this way of sending text long back. You can go search on Internet, i am sure you will get better idea regarding this.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

India lost - Out of tournament

Oh god its bad news for all Indian cricket fans. India loss its opportunity to progress further in ICC champions league. Even though India won the match against west Indies, India cant proceed further level. Australia won the exciting match against Pakistan and got first place in the list with 5 points. Pakistan got second place next to the Australia with 4 points. India got out from the tournament with third place in the side with just 3 points.
India lost first match and second match stopped due to rain. One victory against west Indies could not be enough for next level. India, Srilanka, South Africa, west Indies going to be out from tournament. First semi final going held at centurion where Australia meets England. England lost one day series against Australia one month back. New Zealand and Pakistan meet in second semi final match.
This tournament ends with the final match on 5 October in centurion.