Tuesday, October 6, 2009

High speed Internet

In this technological world, we can’t imagine a single day without Internet. Due to increase in demand, the service providers keep on increasing the speed of the Internet connection. Developing countries are the one who are using high speed Internet connection. The speed of the Internet connection is measured in terms of mbps with is mega bytes per second.
In India the maximum speed is 3 mbps whereas most of the developed countries like USA, UK are using the highest speed in this world. But the fact behind this is, UK ranked only 30th place in the Internet speed.
Some countries are ready to use “ready for tomorrow” technology where expected speed is 1 Gbps that is giga bits per second. The average download speed is 4.75 mbps whereas the average upload speed is 1.3 mbps. The introduction of fibre optical cable is the reason behind this high speed Internet. We hope all users in this world get the high speed Internet in near future.

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