Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rules to be followed

There are certain rules that should be followed. I met with an incident which make me to feel proud to stay in this country. Every Monday, people come and collect home waste materials. There are different types of wastage. They need to keep each separately. One day, one lazy fellow mixed plastic bag with recycle wastage. The house hold warned him. But he didn't accept this at all.
And this gentle man just take photo of this issue and send it to higher officials. The next week, lazy fellow punished for his foolish work. Things going normal now a days. It is simple to hear but behind this incident there are lot to thing.
Each should take their own responsibility to make this world keep and safe. We have to keep this world good to our followers. Thanks to the gentle men who takes this step. And hope we do take our own responsibility at all time.

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