Wednesday, October 28, 2009

History of job search engine - monster

We are looking for job all the time, but one who is brilliant actually used this opportunity to start a new business. last week i read one article about history of monster job search engine. I found the meaning for the term "winners don't do different things, they do the things differently". Yes, now a days most of us using monster to find a job.
Let me tell the real history of this search engine. There were a situation, people searching for the job in news papers, articles and so on. One man actually winner of this story used this option and created a website called monster. His thought was, there are some jobs and there are some jobs. But there is nothing to connect this two.
He got an opportunity to visit one stall where those people explained about web hosting. That was the time www term enter in to this computer world. He used those technique to create a wonderful website which is billion worth now.
It is not only business to him but also helping thousand people to get a job and it is helping to decide their future as well. Dear friends think differently and be a winner. there are thousand to find out. Make it happen.

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